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Three editing errors spotted in most ‘orchestrated’ and ‘staged’ Love Island 2023 episode yet

It looks as though the sneaking out to Casa Amor was just an act then, huh?

This year, people have spotted loads of editing errors in Love Island so far, and now the first episode ahead of Casa Amor 2023 is being called out as staged too. So yeah, nothing is sacred.

There were three different editing errors in the tiny section at the end of last night’s show where the Islanders found out about Casa Amor. This has made people think it isn’t really the “shock” it’s made out to be, and the Islanders are fully aware of what’s going on.

Clearly reactions and shots were taken out of order and clipped back up differently, which suggests we didn’t see the girls sneaking off to Casa in the exact way it really played out. Talking about it in a Facebook group, viewers who spotted the errors called the Casa Amor lead up episode the most “orchestrated” and “staged” episode of Love Island 2023 so far. Yikes.

Shaq was ironing Tanya’s dress, and then suddenly she was wearing it in Casa Amor, before the suitcases had been delivered

People calling Love Island 2023 Casa Amor episode staged

via ITV

In the episode, Tanya had asked Shaq to iron the green dress she wanted to wear that night in the main villa. Then, in the dressing room, the girls got the text saying they needed to quickly sneak off to Casa Amor. They gathered up a few of their things, and made a run for it.

However, when they arrived at Casa and got ready for the night, Tanya was then seen wearing the dress she had left with Shaq – and this was before the boys had the text to say they needed to pack some stuff for the girls. How did they dress get there then?

Shaq went from undressed, to dressed, to undressed again

People calling Love Island 2023 Casa Amor episode staged

via ITV

As the girls got the text message to say they were heading to Casa Amor, the rest of the villa was getting ready for the evening. As the camera was skipping from the girls reacting to the news, to the unbeknownst boys getting ready, Shaq was seen in his shorts, then fully dressed, and then back in his shorts again. He was also back in his shorts when they found out the girls had disappeared, way way after we’d seen him all dressed and ready for the night.

For this to have happened, the scenes must have been edited together out of order, so we saw the boys reacting to things in a different way to what actually happened.

The girls left the villa at night, then arrived to Casa Amor in the day, and then got ready for the night again

People calling Love Island 2023 Casa Amor episode staged

via ITV

I honestly don’t even know what is going on here. The girls found out it was Casa Amor time in the evening, but then when they arrived in the new villa it was the day? You mean to tell me Samie was prancing around in nothing but a towel for hours and hours and hours?!

via ITV

But then, they were suddenly in Casa Amor getting ready for the evening again?! What is the timeline here? I’m so confused!!!

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