Chelsea responds to allegations Trevor had a secret girlfriend whilst filming Love Is Blind

‘It’s a very unfortunate situation’

Right now all anyone who’s watching Love Is Blind is talking about is how many of the cast have been accused of having secret relationships – and they themselves are chatting about it too, as Chelsea has responded to claims made against Trevor.

As season six gets into the flow, Trevor has been accused of being in a relationship with bodybuilder Natalia Marrero whilst filming was taking place. A series of alleged texts between him and a girlfriend have been circulating online, and people have been sharing pictures of the couple – dating back to just a few months ago.

Alleged messages contain Trevor telling the woman “I love you so much honey” and telling her about his time on the show. “No matter what we are not getting married lol,” one message appears to read. Natalia has claimed she had just started dating Trevor when casting reached out to him to appear on the show. She has said he agreed to be on the show and stay in a relationship with her.

Whilst Trevor himself hasn’t addressed any of the claims made against him, Chelsea Blackwell, who he formed a connection with during Love Is Blind season six, has.

Chelsea responds to allegations against Trevor from Love Is Blind season six

via Instagram

During a Q&A on Instagram, one viewer asked Chelsea: “Have you seen the news about Trevor!??? So sorry and thankfully you didn’t pick him.”

Chelsea responded with a picture of herself and Trevor, and said: “Y’all we have to understand… we are humans. We have all made mistakes. Our lives went incredibly public very fast. All we can do is have grace. It’s a very unfortunate situation. But I wouldn’t wish this amount of hate on anyone. Remember to be kind.”

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