All these Islanders have said they regret the cosmetic surgery they had done for the villa

‘It was horrendous. It was utterly horrendous’

We hear lots about people who appear as Islanders getting work done, and as time goes on, they’re becoming more and more open about talking about the topic. However, a few previous Love Island cast members have gone back on cosmetic surgery they’ve had in the past, and said they regret procedures they had in the time before their villa appearances.

Molly-Mae Hague has described her filler as “horrendous”, and Sharon Gaffka has straight up said if she could go back in time, she’d never get work done to her face.

Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island cast members who have said they regret previous cosmetic surgery, and what they’ve said about the work they had done.

Jessie Wynter

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

2023 Islander Jessie had a boob job when she was much younger, and has since spoken about regretting having the procedure done. “I honestly wish I could go back and tell younger me, ‘Dude, don’t get a boob job, you’re fine the way you are’,” she told an Australian publication. “So they kind of shoved [the implants] in, didn’t structure it or anything and they were just really, really far apart.”

On Instagram, she added: “I did get a boob job when I was younger, and it was one of those nightmare ones that didn’t go to plan. I fortunately got it fixed. I’ve had a really great year actually, getting it fixed was fantastic. I hope people don’t call me fake and they can see past it.”

Sharon Gaffka

Love Island stars who regret cosmetic surgery

via Instagram @sharongaffka

In 2022, a year after being in the villa, Sharon said she had her lip filler removed. Speaking to The Sun, she said if she could go back in time, she wouldn’t have had any work done.

“If I had my time again I wouldn’t have anything done on my face,” she said. “I had the fillers because I thought my lips were too narrow for my face. I have quite a round face and at the time I didn’t see many Asian faces on TV or on social media who looked like me. I looked at actresses who were white and considered beautiful and decided I wanted to look like them.”

Laura Anderson

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Laura Anderson had a boob job aged 18, a procedure she’s since said she regrets getting. Posting about undergoing a breast reduction to reverse what she had done, she shared on Instagram about the impacts the surgery has had on her body.

“I just want to make clear that even though at 18-years-old I was very mature for my age (more mentally) I really had no idea who I was or what I was doing to my body,” she said.  “Here’s what they don’t tell you, every surgery has repercussions years down the line so this quick fix mentality which we all suffer from from time to time will most definitely come back to bite you in the ass.

“It’s not like buying a pair of jeans that don’t fit so you just take them back. Theres no refunds when it comes to interfering with our bodies.”

Faye Winter

Love Island stars who regret cosmetic surgery

via ITV / Instagram @faye__winter

Since being in the 2021 villa, Faye has had a lot of her lip filler dissolved, and has said she regrets getting it done, and wished she’d removed it sooner. “Looking back at photos, I probably should have done it [had it dissolved] sooner,” she said on Instagram. “We all learn from our mistakes. You guys can all learn from me.”

In an interview on This Morning she said botched Botox left her feeling “the worst she’s ever felt.” She said going on Love Island and seeing comments people made about the way she looked gave her a “different perspective”.

Megan Barton-Hanson

via Instagram @meganbartonhanson

Megan Barton-Hanson has been getting surgery since the age of 19, and has said she regrets doing so, so young. Speaking in a TV interview, she said at the time she believed getting work done would be the answer to her insecurities, but it actually did the opposite.

On Good Morning Britain she said: “I thought at 19 getting bigger boobs and a smaller nose that I would be a new woman and be super confident but really that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can decorate the outside shell, but really to feel good on the inside you need to work on it. For me, it was therapy and with age that you become more confident in how you look.” Over the years, she has spent well over £25k on work, and has had some filler dissolved, too.

Molly-Mae Hague

Love Island stars who regret cosmetic surgery

via YouTube / Instagram @mollymae

2019 Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has been very public with saying she regrets the fillers she had in her face, and has had them removed. She had been getting fillers since she was 17, and following a YouTube video in which people said she had a “new face”, decided to reverse the work.

Speaking on a podcast, she said: “By the age of 21, I didn’t look like the same person. I literally looked like a different person. When I look back at pictures now, I’m terrified of myself. I’m like, ‘Who was that girl?’ I don’t know what happened. It was horrendous. It was utterly horrendous.”

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