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Inside the houseplant side hustle owned by Made in Chelsea’s Tristan Phipps and Sam Prince

Let’s hope Sam kissing Yas doesn’t bring this crashing down

Right now, there’s a bit of drama going on between Made in Chelsea boys Sam Prince and Tristan Phipps, which is all made a bit more awkward given the fact they’re also business partners outside the show.

The cast are in Corsica, and Tristan has been getting with Yas. Then, Tristan left the trip and Yas kissed Sam Prince. Messy. Sam’s ex Inga pointed out this is all the more chaotic given that Sam and Tristan aren’t just mates, they own a company together. So you might be wondering what it is exactly that they do.

Here’s everything we know about their side hustle.

So, what is the houseplant business owned by Made in Chelsea stars Sam Prince and Tristan Phipps?

During lockdown in 2020, Sam Prince and Tristan Phipps started a business together, selling high-quality houseplants. The company is called Bellr, and Sam came up with the idea, with Tristan joining as a fourth member of the brand later on.

The company has launched pop up shops across London and the surrounding areas, and you can also have the plants delivered to your door. “At Bellr, we have plants for every home,” the website reads. “We pride ourselves in providing high quality plants from around the world at a low price. Order directly from us and have them delivered straight to you door.” The website describes its founders as “a few plant crazy guys”.

Plant business owned by Made in Chelsea stars Sam Prince and Tristan Phipps

via Bellr

Speaking about the business venture, Sam told The Sun: “I’ve always been obsessed with house plants and sustainability. We had an idea in lockdown 2020 to build a business focused around plants and offer something affordable and sustainable, and also personal.

“I’ve had plants delivered in the past which have been ridiculously pricey online. They’d arrive without any explanation about what to do with them – whereas all of our plants come with instruction cards.

“One of our USPs is that we import our products, take them into our nursery, grow them and look after them. We don’t drop ship at all, so that enables us to drop prices as a whole. Also sustainability is key for us, all our packaging across the board is sustainable.”

The company’s Instagram account has 6k followers, and Tristan is often on there recording videos about how to look after some of the plants they stock.

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