Love Island 2023 voting figures have been revealed and it was a big win for Kai and Sanam!

It’s what they deserve x

The voting figures for Love Island 2023 have been revealed, and they prove it was a big win for our new King and Queen, Kai and Sanam. They won by a huge margin last night, which is nothing short of what they deserve.

After meeting in Casa Amor, Kai and Sanam won our hearts and became the most popular couple on the show this year. Their win means Sanam is the first Casa Amor Islander to ever take the crown as a winner of Love Island.

But, what was the final breakdown of the Love Island 2023 voting figures? Here’s a look.

Love Island 2023 voting figures

via ITV

The Love Island 2023 voting figures:

• Kai and Sanam – 44 per cent

• Ron and Lana – 30 per cent

• Tom and Samie – 24 per cent

• Shaq and Tanya – 2 per cent

According to ITV, just under 800k votes were cast in the final, 343,241 of these going to Kai and Sanam. Second place Ron and Lana had 235,996 votes, Tom and Samie had 185,572 and Shaq and Tanya received just 19,753.

Despite it being a big win for them in comparison to other couples this year, it’s actually one of the lowest in terms of Love Island history. The biggest landslide victory was Dani and Jack in 2018, who had nearly 80 per cent of the overall vote. The lowest percentage win was Millie and Liam in 2021, who had 42 per cent of the vote.

The show saw Kai and Sanam crowned winners, and they joint took home the £50k prize fund. Congrats!

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