Girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann has shared proof she’s been in contact with police

People have been questioning if she’s telling the truth

The girl who has been going viral recently for thinking she might be Madeleine McCann has shared proof she has been in contact with the police – for those who don’t believe her.

Julia, who is 21, previously said she had been in contact with multiple police forces about her beliefs, but had been told authorities weren’t interested. Since then, it’s been reported Julia has been in contact with a member of the McCann family, who has agreed to a DNA test.

Posting on her viral Instagram page, Julia shared screenshots of emails between herself and Operation Grange. She said she had called them too, “for people who don’t believe I tried to contact Operation Grange.”

Proof from girl who thinks she is Madeleine McCann that she spoke to police

via Instagram @iammadeleinemcan

Operation Grange was set up in 2011 to look at the case of Madeleine McCann. It was set up by the Met police, and is led by the Specialist Crime Command unit and involved, in the first instance, an ‘investigative review’.  This was a review of all of the investigations that had been previously conducted into the circumstances of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Julia previously said she has reached out to police multiple times but has been told they will not be investigating. “I called my local police, Capital city police, the Met police, Portugal police and Crimestoppers,” she said. “A few months ago I talked with Operation Grange, too.”

She said following reaching out to the authorities, she was made to believe they would not be looking into her case, as it was a closed investigation.

In July 2013 the status of the Met’s enquiries changed to that of an investigation, working with the Portuguese authorities to pursue specific lines of enquiry. The Portuguese authorities retain the lead and the Met continues to work in support of them. The Home Office continues to fund Operation Grange.

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