MAFS gossip column: Jordan responds to fight scandal and cast knew each other before the show?!

The drama really never ends!

Welcome to The Tab’s MAFS UK 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Jordan has spoken out about the Luke fighting scandal

Yesterday it was reported that Luke gets removed from Married at First Sight UK following a physical fight with new groom, Jordan. The incident, in which Luke “shocked both cast and crew with his aggressive behaviour” is said to have been caught on camera. Jordan has reportedly been allowed to stay on the show, as it was Luke who is said to have instigated the incident.

Straight after the news broke, Luke took to Instagram to post an angry rant calling out a “snake” in the cast who has been “selling spoilers” to the press. “I’m angry at many people,” he said. “Whoever is leaking these stories, go fuck yourself.”


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Now, Jordan has replied to the whole saga. In a TikTok, he said: “Now, there’s a lot to say, there’s a lot that goes down but you’re going to see all the drama unfold in front of your eyes over the next couple of weeks on your TV screens.

“The time is not right to talk now, I don’t know who is leaking it to the press and I don’t know why they’re doing it, it’s got nothing to do with them. So I do agree with Luke on that, even though we don’t agree on many things.

“Whoever is doing it, just stop. Now, when the time is right I’ll be able to tell you everything that happened and why it happened – and what really went down. Stay tuned, because there’s a lot to find out.”

Extra security had to be hired because the dinner parties got so out of hand

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This year, the show has had drama and scandal after drama and scandal. It’s now been reported that MAFS bosses had to draft in extra security staff because the dinner parties got so rowdy.

In an interview with The Express, Jordan said: “The dinner parties are chaos. It starts with one or two people, and it escalates. Everyone in there has their own friends and circles. Everyone is on one side of an argument, so it’s either team A or team B. Then everyone gets involved, and in the end, you have however many people sitting around the dinner table, all screaming, shouting, and insulting each other. The dinner parties… As the series goes on, it gets more chaotic and worse and worse. In the end, it’s like WWE.”

He added: “Let’s put it this way when it’s the dinner party, they pay the security guards a good amount of money and their wages were going up and up.”

JJ then said: “They brought in extra security at some point as well. We went through plenty of red wine as well.”

Georges and Ella knew each other before the show!

So, the whole idea of the show is that their weddings are the first time the cast members have seen one another, but Georges and Ella met years ago, way before each getting married on the show.

Speaking on the Divorced! Beheaded! Thrived! podcast, Georges revealed they slid into each other’s DMs and were even meant to go for a drink together, once upon a time.

“I actually knew Ella from five years ago when I lived in Bristol,” he said. “I think we originally met in a club, I’m not sure. Or we ended up sliding into each other’s DMs once upon a time. We were going to go for a drink, we never did. And then, obviously, Ella was a dancer and I bumped into her a couple of times at the bar.”

He joked that he never did get a dance from Ella, and added: “Seriously, I never get dances but yes, she was in there and we used to have a good laugh.”

Ex MAFS star Jessika Power had a romance with Love Island’s Joe Garratt?!

The Sun is reporting that MAFS Australia legend Jessika Power had a romance with Love Island 2019’s Joe Garratt. The pair apparently started a fling whilst they were filming for Ex On The Beach.

A show insider said: “There was an instant attraction between Jess and Joe that was obvious from day one and it was the talk of the cast. Joe is just Jess’s type – cheeky, good looking and a great body. Time will tell if things continue between them in the real world, but they both really enjoyed their ‘holiday romance’.”

Random? But I’m here for it!

Spoiler! Has Laura given away her fate with Arthur?!

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Ok I left this one until last so you can look away if you don’t want to know, but people think Laura has just dropped a huge hint about what happens between her and Arthur.

It looks as though they’re still going strong, as speaking to OK! magazine, Laura said: “We’ve we’ve spoken about going to Poland, and just immersing myself in the first 15-16 years of his life. I think it’d be nice and cosy and the weather would be cold and we might get some snow – I think that’d be cool.”

She added: “And then maybe coming back here and doing a traditional like Christmas market.” Cute!

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