The Love Island 2023 cast’s wages before the show prove some defo don’t need the £50k

Who’s gonna tell Tanya that Martin earns £80k?

As well as now being a huge platform in their careers, what has always been one of the big draws of going on Love Island is the £50k prize fund at the end of the show. But, the cast of Love Island 2023 already have some pretty hefty pay packets, and their wages before the show are very impressive.

This year, there are a whole bunch of different professions in the villa. We have teachers, hair stylists, models and HR workers, all from different places across the UK.

Using an online tool which shows you the average salary by area for every profession in the UK, we’ve worked out how much the Islanders would roughly be earning back home, before the villa. So here are all the wages the cast of Love Island 2023 could have been earning.

Tanya Manhenga – £23k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

As a model working in Liverpool, Tanya can expect to take home around £23k a year. On top of this, Tanya also works as an influencer and is still studying for a degree in biomedical science, so she really does have a lot going on in her life.

Before she entered the show, Tanya said with her degree she had looked at a career in embryology, which is working in IVF treatments. A clinical embryologist in Liverpool, where she is from, takes home on average £41k a year.

Kai Fagan – £34k

via Instagram @kaifagan_

Before the villa, Kai was working as a teacher in Manchester. The average salary for this role in his area is £34k a year. Kai has THREE degrees from three different unis, and currently teaches science and PE.

Lana Jenkins – £22k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @lanajenkinss

As a makeup artist in Luton, Lana can expect to make around £22k a year. But, Lana may well be bringing more home, as she has a fair few celeb clients and has done makeup for TV shows. She’s previously worked with Michelle Keegan on Brassic, and when it was announced Lana was going to be on the show, the actress posted a good luck message to her on her Instagram story.

Ron Hall – £37k

via Instagram @ronhall__

Ron is from Essex, and works as a financial advisor. The average salary for this role is £37k, but according to CheckASalary, financial advisors can earn upwards of £80k.

Will Young – £27k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @farmer_will_

Look, I’m not sure how Will’s working situation plays out. Farmers in Buckinghamshire earn on average £27k, but he works on his family farm and apparently his family are mega rich – so who knows?

Tanyel Revan – £26k

via Instagram @tanyelrevan

As a hair stylist in London, the average salary for Tanyel’s role is £26k. According to CheckASalary, hair stylists in London earn on average £2k a year more than those living anywhere in the rest of England.

Shaq Muhammad – £26k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @shaq24s_

24-year-old Shaq is from London and currently works in airport security. According to GlassDoor, the average salary for aiport security workers is £26k. However, if Shaq is in a senior role within the security team, his expected wage could be around the £47k mark.

Olivia Hawkins – £40k

via Instagram @livhawkinss

It’s hard to work out exactly how much Olivia might be earning, as she has so many side hustles and jobs going on, it’s a wonder she ever rests. But her main hustle is acting, which in Brighton can bring in on average just under £40k. So, given she also does her work as a ring girl, and other adverts and similar, she could be earning around £40k a year.

Zara Lackenby-Brown – £58k

via Instagram @itszaradeniz

Ok, Zara could potentially be making BANK. It’s difficult to say how much money a property developer in London earns, being it’s such a varied job, but according to Indeed the average salary in the capital for this is £58k. On top of this, Zara also does modelling work, so yeah, big bucks potential here.

Tom Clare – £52k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @tomclare_

Tom is a footballer, and it’s been reported that players in the league he currently plays in can expect to earn around £1,000 a week. So, Tom could be looking at a yearly pay packet of around £52k.

Ellie Spence – £30k

via Instagram @elliespennie

Ellie works as a business development executive in Norwich. This job title carries an average salary of £30k, but she could be looking closer to the £50k mark, depending on experience.

Spencer Wilks – £38k

via Instagram @spennywilks

Spencer Wilks is a 24-year-old eCommerce business owner from Bournemouth. Specifically, he sells vibrators. Obviously, Spencer’s income is directly impacted by how booming the vibrator industry is where he is, but someone working in eCommerce in Bournemouth earns £38k on average.

Samie Elishi – £40k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @samieelishi

22-year-old Samie is from London, and works as an estate agent. In the capital, estate agents have average earnings of £40k, which is a huge £15k higher than the £25k national average salary in this role.

Casey O’Gorman – £26k

via Instagran @caseyogorman

Casey works as a recruitment consultant and he’s from Tring – which is in Hertfordshire, for those wondering. Casey’s Insta is filled with holiday pictures and him flashing a boujie lifestyle, so maybe he earns higher than the average for this wage? Average in his hometown is £26k but this can be anywhere up to £60k depending on experience.

Jordan Odofin – £42k

Estimated wages of the cast of Love Island 2023 from jobs before the villa

via Instagram @snapsofjords

Jordan is a senior HR advisor in London. With this title, Jordan could be bringing home a pretty impressive £42k a year. Not bad!

Claudia Fogarty – £23k

via Instagram @claudiafogarty

Claudia is a boutique owner in Blackburn. Obviously, her job is very subjective to how successful her boutique is, so I’d take this one with a pinch of salt, but on average in her area she’s looking at a £23k wage.

Sanam Harrinanan – £45k

via Instagram @sanamiee

Sanam is from Bedford, where she works as a social worker. According to CheckASalary, this is quite a lucrative position, with an average salary in this role in her area being around the £45k mark.

Maxwell Samuda – £23k

via Instagram @maxwell_16

Maxwell’s a student, so I think he’d be happy with any money from his side hustle. He works a restaurant host at Dishoom in London, which could be bringing home £23k.

Martin Akinola – £80k

via Instagram @mart1n.jr

Ummm, nobody alert Tanya, but she’s turned her back on being a luxury life with Martin! He’s a senior software engineer (fancy) and could be earning up to £80k!

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