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Another one! People spot a further editing error in MAFS questioning a staged dinner

Nothing is sacred anymore

People have spotted yet another editing error during MAFS, this time throwing into question when Georges and Peggy had their family and friends over to their apartment.

In the scenes which aired last night, Georges and Peggy hosted their nearest and dearest at the apartment they’ve been sharing during the experiment, and put on some sushi for their guests to enjoy. But, it wasn’t exactly a refined dining experience, as the conversation quickly turned to Georges’ enjoyment of rimming. Chaotic.

During the chat, Peggy, her sister and her mother were pretty shocked at the conversation, and Peggy’s mum was blissfully unaware of what rimming is, with Peggy and her sister awkwardly saying they didn’t want to explain to her what it is.

MAFS editing error with Georges and Peggy, Married at First Sight UK 2023

via E4

But, the conversation might not have been all what it seems, as a glaringly obvious editing error has proven the clips weren’t shown to us in order. There was one moment where Georges’ was clearly very embarrassed about his sexual preferences being discussed so openly, and the plate of sushi was basically empty, and next minute we’re shown a shocked Peggy’s mother, and the plate has magically been restocked!

Yep, within less than a second, and all in one take without someone even touching it, an entire plate of sushi has appeared from thin air. This proves that what we saw Peggy and her family being shocked about definitely wasn’t the same thing Georges’ was embarrassed about.

MAFS editing error with Georges and Peggy, Married at First Sight UK 2023

via E4

So, how did that conversation play out then? I need answers!

This comes just a day after Tasha herself called out the show for an editing error proving her fight with Erica wasn’t all it seemed. Speaking on her Instagram, bride Tasha pointed out in one clip during the argument Jay is wearing a jacket, and next minute she’s not. Tasha said: “This is an edit! So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment.”


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