Jessie has finally revealed exactly how she ended up being on the UK Love Island

She was originally on the Australia version of the show in 2019

Jessie Wynter has finally revealed how she ended up as a cast member on the UK Love Island earlier this year. The winter season had a huge twist where she and fellow former Aussie Islander Aaron Waters shook the villa as bombshells.

Jessie’s first TV appearance was on Love Island Australia, when she was in the 2019 series. She’s since said on a podcast that producers from the Australia series asked her if she was still single, and approached her to be on the UK version.

Speaking on the Girls Know Nothing podcast with Islander Sharon Gaffka, Jessie said she was 22 when she first applied for Love Island Australia, and had recently been through a breakup, with a guy she’d been with for years. Nine months later she was still single and he’d moved on, so she “didn’t know what to do” and applied for the Aus show.

But, she didn’t apply the second time around, she was actually approached by the same producers she knew from her first villa stint. “So I was actually approached and it wasn’t that long before I actually went,” she said. “It was pretty sudden. One of my producers from Love Island Australia pretty much just reached out to me and said ‘are you still single?’ and I was like ‘YES I’ve been single since I came off your show’.”

Jessie Wynter on Love Island UK

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She then said it was a very quick turn around before she was in South Africa, and she just did a few Skype calls before going on.

Jessie added: “Before I went on Love Island UK I was so happy and content with where I was in my life. I really hated being single and I was on the hunt for a boyfriend. I said to my friend ‘I am getting a boyfriend before I turn 27’ and I was like ‘I’m sick of this. The universe is bringing this to me, I am manifesting this’.

“So it was pretty random that I got this offer for Love Island UK. But yeah, couple Skype interviews and we had to do the psychology test and all this standard testing that you have to do to go on a reality show. I kept myself like ‘oh if I go it will be fun, but if I don’t go my life is pretty good where I am’. And then before I knew it, it actually happened, so yeah!”

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