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Meet Emma Walsh: Ollie Locke’s ex who’s joined Made in Chelsea as Digby’s new girlfriend

She’s dated Spencer Matthews, too

This season is set to bring a lot of relationship drama to Made in Chelsea. There are couples getting back together, breaking up and new faces being introduced into the posh London dating scene. Of of those new faces is Emma, who has joined the Made in Chelsea cast as Digby Edgley’s new girlfriend.

I say joined, if you’re a fan of old school Made in Chelsea you’ll recognise Emma’s face from previous seasons – this isn’t the first time she’s been hanging out around here. So, as she comes back onto the scene, here’s everything you need to know about Emma Walsh.

Emma Walsh has returned to the cast of Made in Chelsea with Digby Edgley

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Emma has just joined Made in Chelsea as dating Digby, but this isn’t the first time she’s been on the show

Emma Walsh has just joined the cast of season 23 of Made in Chelsea, and is cosying up to Digby as his latest girlfriend. But, Emma is no stranger to Made in Chelsea, as she appeared on the show back in series 10 when she was in a love triangle with Ollie Locke and Spencer Matthews.

On the show now, she says she doesn’t really speak to Ollie Locke anymore, and they aren’t “friendly” exes. She says her new relationship with Digby is going “really well”. But, it looks like there could be some further drama on the horizon, at it looks like she’s back in another MIC love triangle later in the series – this time with Digby and Tristan. Seriously, can they not find any other people to date?!

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Emma is 38 and from Cape Town

Emma Walsh was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1983, making her 38. She started ballet at the age of three, and was trained as a child. From then she went into performing and the arts industry, doing some modelling, singing, voice acting roles and also performing as a stunt double.

She was kinda destined to be in the entertainment industry, as her parents are Anne and Bob Walsh, who are known as two members of 70s pop group, The Dooleys. Emma went on to perform on cruise ships and be in stage productions.

Emma Walsh has returned to the cast of Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @missemmawalsh

Emma is now a presenter and car enthusiast

Now, she does a whole host of things, and is into car racing, fitness and being an influencer. She’s a lifestyle and automotive presenter, YouTuber and car enthusiast.

Emma has been host of the UK’s biggest auto sport event, Autosport International, for two years in a row alongside co-host and Sky Sports broadcaster, David Croft. She hosted the Live BMW Drifting Show in South Africa for the Festival of Motoring and presented for BMW at the Geneva International Motor Show, as well as has co-hosting on Formula E Radio and contributing regularly to talkSPORT Radio. Her YouTube is just full of cars.

Emma Walsh has returned to the cast of Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @missemmawalsh

Made in Chelsea star Emma has 85.6k followers on Instagram

Emma is verified on Instagram and currently has 85.6k followers. She shares loads about her career in the car and presenting industry. Her handle is @missemmawalsh.

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