Yikes! The first ‘staged’ editing error of Love Island 2023 was last night

They’re back up to their old tricks again!

During the winter series of Love Island 2023 there were editing errors all over the place – and last night a conversation between Jess and Sammy had the first of the summer series.

Right at the start of the episode, the couples sat down to talk about the drama from the previous challenge and day before. New couple Jess and Sammy sat down on the sofas to talk about the kiss they shared in the challenge and how they feel about each other.

Editing error during conversation with Jess and Sammy during Love Island 2023

via ITV

The camera shows them both, and Sammy’s champagne flute is next to him on the seat. As he talks to Jess, the camera then shows just his face, and you can see the glass is now in his hand. This might not seem like the biggest error of all time, but this was all in one continuous camera take – the glass literally magically appeared there!

Editing error during conversation with Jess and Sammy during Love Island 2023

via ITV

This proves them talking about their feelings had bits cut and taken out, and what we were shown as an audience may not have been exactly what they were saying. There must have been at least enough time for Sammy to look at the glass, reach over and grab it and bring it back to where he was sitting – all cut out.

Earlier this year, the winter series was full of so many editing errors people began to really question the authenticity of what we were being shown. There were Islanders magically moving across the villa, false eyelashes disappearing half way through recouplings, and people changing outfits mid-way through episodes.


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