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There was an editing error on Love Island: All Stars proving major conversation was staged

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People have spotted an editing error during a conversation on Love Island: All Stars, which proves a chat that became pivotal to the dramatic recoupling last week wasn’t all how it seemed.

The big shock of last week was Toby choosing to couple up with Georgia Steel again, after that seemingly had become a thing of the past. Toby was with Arabella, and Georgia was with Callum – but without having any conversations with people to tell them how he was feeling, Toby made a dramatic speech about taking this opportunity to couple up with Georgia, because “fortune favours the brave.”

Callum was shook, and Arabella was obviously very upset she’d been blindsided by the situation. In the fallout, Georgia said she was confused, but was later laughing with Toby about it all, and Molly was also confused and concerned for her ex, Callum.

But, earlier in the same day of the recoupling, Toby and Georgia had sat down in the villa for a chat together. A huge editing error in this shows Love Island: All Stars producers had cut up the conversation, to make it look a certain way.

Editing error on Love Island: All Stars in Georgia and Toby conversation

via ITV

When Toby and Georgia first started their chat, Georgia was seen with her sunglasses on her head. But then instantly, the camera cuts to Toby and then back to Georgia, and her sunglasses have magically disappeared.

Editing error on Love Island: All Stars in Georgia and Toby conversation

via ITV

Later on in the convo, just as quickly as the first time, the sunglasses have as if by magic reappeared on her head. How are we going to explain this one, then?

In the conversation, Toby and Georgia said they hadn’t really spoken since they were previously coupled up. Georgia was saying she had felt hurt when they shut things off, but had understood they needed to get to know other people.

When Georgia said to Toby “you know when you said let’s open it up” was when her sunglasses first disappeared, which proves she wasn’t saying this comment to what we just saw Toby say, nor was his reaction the right reaction that happened in real time.

Editing error on Love Island: All Stars in Georgia and Toby conversation

via ITV

Georgia’s sunglasses reappeared as she said “I literally wasn’t looking at anyone else,” which proves she could have been saying this comment in response to something completely different to what we saw. “I will aways have a place for you Tobes, forever,” Georgia was seen saying.

Basically, that entire conversation was taken out of context and we’ll never really know what was said, in what order, and how much it played a part in Toby’s decision later on. Maybe it wasn’t all that much of a shock to Georgia after all?

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