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One month on, this is what the Love Island 2023 cast are all up to now

From brand deals and becoming charity ambassadors, to messy splits and arguments

It’s been exactly one month since the cast of Love Island 2023 left our screens every night, so now is a great time to check in on them all and see how they’ve been adjusting to their new lives.

Since the villa, there has been news of brand deals, Islanders getting snapped up by management agencies and a whole lot of podcast and magazine interviews. Of course there have also been a number of breakups already, but some of the Islander couples from this year are still going strong!

Here’s a check-in to see what all the cast of Love Island 2023 are up to now.

Jess and Sammy

It’s been full-speed ahead for Jess since Love Island 2023, who has announced brand deals and loads of work since being in the villa. Just one day after the final, Jess returned to work as an aesthetics practitioner, at her boujee west London clinic. She was then named the first Islander this year to land a brand deal, securing six-figures to launch a collection and be an ambassador with In The Style.

Granted, it’s not as quick for Sammy but he ~has~ just been announced as opening the new Popworld in Bournemouth, because Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt couldn’t make it. No, really. A launch party will be held on Saturday 16th September at the previous Walkabout venue, and Sammy is guest of honour!

Sammy and Jess have both signed to a management, and have already done photoshoots in OK! Magazine and adverts with McDonald’s. This is their life now!

Whitney and Lochan

Whitney and Lochan are thriving and living wholesomely, and I am so here for it. Lochan basically just posts pictures of food and Whitney on Instagram now, which is everything.

Lochan has gone full chef-mode, and is now posting recipe vids, which low key masquerade as thirst traps sorry, including sharing how to make the famous villa cheese toastie. He’s also done pasta vids, and a photo dump of himself and Whitney spending all their time out on dates and visiting bakeries.

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Lochan has gone full chef-mode, and is now posting recipe vids, which low key masquerade as thirst traps sorry, including sharing how to make the famous villa cheese toastie. He’s also done pasta vids, and a photo dump of himself and Whitney spending all their time out on dates and visiting bakeries.

When she’s not being a wholesome queen, Whitney has signed to a management and is the latest guest on GK Barry’s podcast, Saving Grace. She’s posted about “working on something exciting” with a photo of her at her management’s office, so big things are to come!

Ella and Tyrique

Ella is living her best post Love Island life. She’s been in Marbella with Ego Official, but the biggest news is that she’s PrettyLittleThing’s latest ambassador!

Confirming the deal which is thought to be worth six-figures, Ella said: “5ft7 AND STYLISH. The secret is finally out… I am so excited to announce that I am @prettylittlething’s latest brand ambassador. I can’t wait for you all to see everything we’ve been working on. Watch this space, big things are coming.”

Tyrique is simply out here living his best life. He’s been in the studio with Whitney and their talent show single drops any day soon, and he’s also been doing some chats with Arsenal. He’s been going to festivals with his fellow Islanders, and he and Ella both have management now.

Molly and Zach

Molly and Zach are also still together, and living it up. As you’d expect, Molly has gone back to posting on TikTok with her family loads, but Zach too has also got himself a TikTok channel now!

Molly and Zach have had a holiday in New York together, and Molly has been around America with her family. Zach has visited Molly’s hometown of Doncaster, and was seen at some festivals with his fellow Islanders whilst Molly was away.

They both have some big work things on the horizon too. Molly has been named as a celeb judge on the panel of Worksop’s Got Talent – very big time – and in an interview with OK! Magazine, she revealed she has landed a job at an inclusive theatre group since the show. Zach has been a little quieter with his work updates, but before the show he was a personal trainer and has added “Back to the Grind” to his Instagram bio.

Mitch and Ella B

Well – I think we all know the biggest drama with Mitch and Ella B is that they’ve split. Mitch spent the first few weeks out the villa talking shit about everyone on podcasts, and now has posted a completely unbothered video, basically dismissing his breakup with Ella. They said they broke up because of work commitments, but there are rumours flying around it was because Abi claimed Mitch was “flirty” with her at events.

Since the villa Mitch has been doing some club appearances, and has done some spon-con on Instagram with WKD. After the show, The Tab revealed Mitch could charge £1,500 per post on his Instagram profile. Ella has been going to events all the time, including a Maybelline launch at Shoreditch House and In The Style and PrettyLittleThing parties.

Kady and Ouzy

There’s been a lot to unpack since Kady and Ouzy left the villa. Despite never really going exclusive, it was announced they’d split and reported Ouzy had spent two nights in a hotel in London with another girl.

Ouzy claimed the girl “set him up” but admitted it was his fault the relationship came to an end. The girl then clapped back and said it was “utter rubbish” that she would set Ouzy up, and “laughable” for Ouzy to claim there was nothing romantic between them. It’s been very messy!

In between this, the couple have both been doing adverts with Subway – of course – and Ouzy has gone back to his previous job as a footballer. He plays for Edinburgh City, and posted a picture of himself on the pitch captioned: “First day back in the trenches.” Kady was an influencer before the show, and has since been posting content with Shein and PrettyLittleThing.

Scott van-der-Sluis

What the Islander cast of Love Island 2023 are all up to now

via Love Island USA

Obviously, straight after Love Island, Scott headed to Love Island USA. “There’s been a lot of rumours circulating but Scott got asked a few days after leaving the UK villa and had to make a decision within 24-hours so by the time of the [Love Island 2023] reunion it was signed and sealed,” his sister posted on Scott’s Instagram page. “All other Islanders were aware and supportive of his decision.”

He cracked on with girls, did the heart race challenge again and faced recouplings, before being axed yet again right before the final. Since getting back from the USA villa, all Scott has done is say he’s still open to rekindling with Catherine…again.

Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah

It really has been a saga for our girl Catherine since the villa. She quickly announced she had split from Elom, then hinted she was back with Scott, and then Scott did a full 180 and went on Love Island USA. Despite that, she’s still talking about Scott now that the USA show is over, and has said they might still rekindle. We need answers!

After Love Island 2023, Catherine jetted off with Jet2Vibe with loads of past Islanders. On the holiday were names such as Olivia Hawkins, Georgia Steel, Casey O’Gorman, Andrew Le Page and Samira Mighty.

Since leaving the villa and splitting from Catherine, Elom has returned to building his empire alone. Prior to the show he was working as an online fitness coach, based in Dubai. He set up his own business in 2022,  after leaving his corporate job as an investment banker.

Abi Moores

Abi hasn’t stopped getting involved in the drama since Love Island, doing her fair share of interviews to spill all the villa secrets. Most recently she said Ella B was “intimidated” by her in her relationship with Mitch, and said Mitch is “flirty” with her at events. People have since linked this as a possible reason behind Mitch and Ella B breaking up.

Despite this, there have been rumours Abi has moved on! She posted a picture on her Instagram story of herself and a guy in the back of a taxi, and then another photo where someone’s hand was on her leg. Nothing too concrete, but people are talking!

Abi was an influencer before the show, and it looks like that’s the path she’s continuing on now. She’s recently posted about brands such as Essie, Ego and PrettyLittleThing.

Leah and Montel

Leah and Montel also split after the show, with it being reported they wanted to be just friends because there wasn’t much trust in their relationship.

Since the show Leah has gone back to work at the influencer marketing agency she owns, and has been holidaying in Marbella alongside Ella, with shoe brand Ego. She’s also been doing some influencing herself, including adverts with Beauty Works and a lingerie brand.

Montel has returned to his day job as a footballer, playing for his old club, Hemel Hempstead. He posted a photo on Instagram of him scoring on his return saying he was “back with a bang”.

George Fensom

You might not remember George, because he was booted out the villa first after just a few days, but in case you wanted to know – he’s on Cameo now! You can get a personalised video from him for just £24.

Amber Wise

One month on and Casa Amor Islanders Amber and Kodie are still playing the are they aren’t they dating game with us. Amber has spent her entire time out the villa on boujee holidays, and is also one of those who have been on the press trip with Ego in Marbs.

Mal Nicol

Honestly, not a day goes by now where I don’t see a video of Mal strutting around London in an iconic outfit. I really love it for her. She’s been none stop at events, hanging out at Soho House and doing paid partnerships at festivals. It’s a lifestyle!

Mehdi Edno

Since being dumped from Love Island 2023, Mehdi has been keeping busy. He too has been doing the summer festival circuit with the other Islanders, and also travelled back to Paris for a bit. He has also announced he is now an ambassador for Diabetes UK.

“Being blessed by life is a gift, but the ability to give back is an even greater privilege,” he said. “Today, I’m excited to start my journey as an ambassador for the charity @diabetesuk to help my sister and hopefully many others who live with the condition. It’s not about what we have, but how we use it to make a difference.”

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