Abi from Love Island 2023

Enough is enough: Abi needs to be removed from the Love Island villa, for her own sake

Yes she’s not everyone’s favourite Islander, but this is bullying now

It’s time to call what’s been happening to Abi on Love Island 2023 exactly what it is: Bullying. For the last few episodes we’ve seen Abi in situations that have continued to grind her down, and it’s about time something was done to stop it.

Granted, Abi hasn’t been everyone’s favourite Islander since she entered the villa. She’s been annoying at times, and hasn’t navigated situations in the best way – but in her shoes, who’s to say we’d have done any better? What she’s done isn’t a crime.

It’s sad to watch a woman constantly sat at the brunt of everyone’s jokes, and being mugged off left, right and centre. All she asked of Scott was for a little affection, and for Mitch to stop having his head turned and focus on her – it wasn’t exactly much. Last night also proved she was only telling the truth to Ella B when she said Mitch had lied to her, and she wasn’t trying to cause drama.

Abi has been spoken to like rubbish time and time again. One TikToker put it better than anyone else has, they said: “Abi has made some mistakes, yes. Abi can be annoying, yes. But you know what’s wrong? Bullying. Because that’s what it is now. It’s too much, ok.

“I get it yeah, she’s a nagger. But, you know what? Who’s never nagged before? Who’s never had questions before? Having questions and being a nagger is not a crime. But everyone piling up on her constantly is not cool. You people on that Island are going to give her depression.

“We get it, she’s been clowning in there. She wore the makeup, she confirmed she’s been clowning. She knows she’s been clowning. Let that girl come on home. Enough is enough.”

Another user posted a compilation of photos and clips of Abi in the villa and said they think she should be removed for her mental health. “It’s enough now,” they added. Dumped Islander Mal is in the comments, and said: “So sad, hope she is ok.”


I think Abi should be removed from the villa for the sake of her mental health. It’s enough now. #loveisland #abimoores #abiloveisland

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But this isn’t just the fault of the Islanders. The Love Island producers have a duty of care towards Abi, too. Dressing her up as a clown and having her talk about being mugged off for the talent show was nothing else but cruel.

It felt like another blow, and where she was again used as part of a storyline, instead of producers considering how she might feel, and what’s actually going on with her. Do you really think she wanted to do that? I’d happily be told otherwise, but I’d take a guess at no.

Love Island, I beg you check up on Abi if you haven’t already. Enough is enough.

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