Love Island 2023 finalists Tom and Samie seen back together in TikTok

Love Island’s Tom and Samie ‘back together’ according to another video posted by friends

They’re more coupley than ever!

In the last few weeks there’s been a big are they or aren’t they surrounding Love Island 2023 finalists, Tom and Samie. They broke up after around a month together when they left the show, but there have since been a series of videos posted where they look like they’re very much back on.

There’s now been a third video of them posted together, and in this one they look more like a couple than ever. The video is from when they were on holiday in the last few days with fellow Islander, Claudia Fogarty. The pair are being recorded by a friend, and Tom has his hand affectionately placed in Samie’s lap.


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The video is captioned: “Tom and Samie back together in Marbella.” So yeah, tongues are wagging. “The way he was just stroking her leg aww,” said one person in the comments.

Over the weekend another video was shared of them hanging out on holiday, and they’re closely chatting. A friend is heard sarcastically saying “they’re friends now, they’re friends” and it looks as though Samie rolls her eyes at this.

They were also spotted together whilst at the Pride of Manchester Awards earlier this month. They were seen with Casey and Claudia, lip-syncing to Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical. Singing the song on TikTok, Tom literally comes right over Samie’s shoulder and it’s all very affectionate. Casey also shared a video on his Instagram story of them hanging out at a bar.

Neither Tom or Samie have said anything about rumours they’re back together, but the rumour mill and videos are doing all the talking right now.

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