Brand deal dramas to Insta model DMs: A complete timeline of Ekin-Su’s recent PR disasters

She’s still mother tho x

The last few months have been dramatic on the PR front for Love Island 2022 winner, Ekin-Su. She’s been dropped from huge brand deals, seen career changes and most recently is surrounded by loads of rumours in her relationship with Davide.

Let’s get one thing straight though: Ekin-Su is still the queen of our hearts. She’s thriving, has acting jobs apparently on the horizon and has been adamant she and Davide are together, despite everything being said about their current status.

But, this hasn’t stopped the drama fizzling. Here’s a timeline of absolutely everything that’s happened in this turbulent and chaotic time.

Ekin-Su PR and brand deal

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In February, Ekin-Su was dropped from her £1million Oh Polly deal

All the recent drama which spiralled into a PR disaster started when Ekin-Su was dropped by clothing brand Oh Polly. Straight after she left the 2022 villa as the winner, Ekin-Su was backed to be the most in-demand Islander of all time. She secured multiple brand deals, one of which being a £1million deal with Oh Polly.

A source told MailOnline that the partnership, which saw Ekin-Su launch her first ever collection in October 2022, “wasn’t working” and her range “struggled to appeal to Oh Polly’s customer base”.

Then, it was reported Ekin-Su was suing Oh Polly over what went down between them

After being dropped, it was reported Ekin-Su was suing Oh Polly over the breakup in their working relationship. Ekin-Su was said to be suing the brand over money involved in the contract. A source told The Sun: “Both the brand and Ekin have been left disappointed and there is now a dispute over money owed on the lucrative contract.”

It looked like Ekin was moving away from her Love Island image, and said she wants to focus on an acting career instead

In an interview, Ekin-Su said she was ready to distance herself from fame and Love Island, and wanted to focus on a career in film instead. She admitted she knows people will soon “forget” who she is as more seasons of Love Island come along, so she needs to have something new in her career to stay relevant.

Speaking to Women’s Health, she said: “They always say ‘there’s a new Love Island, there’s this, there’s that, you’ll be forgotten’. But that doesn’t bother me because of who I am. I know what I’m going to do in life. And I know my dream.”

She then said she now sees herself “acting in films, playing roles and quirky characters, something that would make you think: ‘Oh, Ekin is not this,’ but then I smash it.”

She was later dropped by Beauty Works as well

Just a month after being dropped from OhPolly, Ekin-Su was dropped from another brand deal, this time with Beauty Works. According to MailOnline, the collaboration with Beauty Works came to a “sudden end”, and Ekin-Su hasn’t posted with the brand since last year.

Beauty Works told MailOnline: “We worked with Ekin-Su in late 2022 on our Party Edit but will not be releasing any future edits. We wish her all the best for the future.”

To add to all the drama surrounding her image, Ekin-Su and Davide have been caught up in a cheating scandal and are flooded with split rumours

Ekin-Su and Davide

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In the last couple of weeks, there has been so much drama surrounding Ekin-Su and Davide’s relationship – it’s a PR nightmare. It all started when Ekin-Su went away for an event – with the only brand deal she still has remaining. Davide was accused of messaging and meeting up with Instagram models whilst she was away.

Last week, Ekin-Su and Davide travelled to Amsterdam for what is being called a “make or break holiday”. The holiday was reportedly “a bid for Davide to clear the air” and a “desperate attempt to win Ekin-Su over again”.

This week, The Sun reported Ekin-Su sent a “tirade” of messages in a rant to a model over rumours she slept with Davide. In the messages to Harriet Wilson, which The Sun is claiming to have seen, Ekin-Su is said to have called her a “f***ing s**g” for “sleeping with my boyfriend” and warned her: “You’re finished.”

She apparently also went for a woman called Phoebe Wintle, after finding texts on Davide’s phone. In messages to Harriet, The Sun on Sunday claimed Ekin-Su said: “You f***ing s**g. Sleeping with my boyfriend! Disgusting. Why would you do that?

“You and Phoebe are gonna be shown to everyone s**gs. Pretending nothing happened. Just wait for it. You cow. You’re finished mate.”

The latest is that Ekin-Su has forgiven Davide but he’s blocked the girls on Insta

The latest right now is that the couple are putting everything behind them, and Ekin-Su has forgiven Davide. He shared a picture of them kissing on his Instagram story, amid stories coming out saying Ekin-Su has “forced” him to “cut all ties” with Harriet Wilson.

A friend to The Sun: “Harriet is completely mortified that she has been dragged into this drama. She is adamant nothing happened between them and that they really are just friends. It’s all a bit upsetting and she’s been told that Ekin has made Davide cut all ties with her – so she’s unfollowed and blocked on social media. Harriet is just hoping to move on with her life now and put this all behind her.”

Ekin-Su’s friend has done an interview about it all

Ekin-Su PR

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Lily Gray, who you might know from Made in Chelsea and as a close friend of Ekin-Su’s, has spoken on a radio show about what’s going on.

“From what I understand there’s been a lot of stuff going on in the news in regards to stuff he’s been up to,” she said on FUBAR radio. “I just hope that he does not treat this girl badly because she is phenomenal. She is such a cool girl, she is a girl’s girl, she’s funny, she really cares about him.”

She continued: ‘It’s been such a whirlwind for her. She wins Love Island, she does the most amazing job, she takes the world by storm and comes out with Davide finding true love. If he has done anything to f*** up anything with her then the world is going to hate him.”

She went on to say “Davide would be nothing without her” and said if the rumours are true, Ekin-Su should sack him off.

Ekin-Su and Davide are yet to directly comment on all the rumours. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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