Luke from MAFS UK 2023 launches controversial podcast

MAFS UK’s Luke starts ‘most controversial podcast ever’ and hopes it’ll get him cancelled

‘If I don’t get cancelled within the first month I’m not doing it right, that’s how bad it’s gonna be’

The most controversial cast member from MAFS UK 2023 is now making a podcast to match, and Luke has said the aim of the show is get himself cancelled within a month of launching. Sure.

Luke Worley got kicked off Married at First Sight UK 2023 following a physical fight between himself and fellow groom Jordan Gayle, and since then he’s been on a tirade of beefing with Jordan, organising a boxing fight with his rival, and keeping scandal next to his name. It’s pretty much his entire brand now.

So to add to this image, Luke has now said he’s launching a podcast which is aptly called “Controversial Pod”. He has set a start date for the show as next month, and said the content is going to be so bad he’ll probably be cancelled pretty soon.

Speaking of the podcast, which will be hosted by him and include bringing in guests, MAFS UK’s Luke said: “My new podcast is launching next month. The good news is, it’s going to be the most controversial podcast ever and if I’m not cancelled within the first month, I ain’t doing it right – that’s how bad it’s going to be.”

Right now he is urging people to comment on the posts of the podcast’s Instagram account with who they’d like to see on as a guest, and suggested the sort of calibre of celeb he could “afford” to interview is Thomas from MAFS UK 2023.

“Controversial characters if possible,” Luke added. “Also, I want some of you guys to go on there, if you guys want to come on the podcast and have a debate maybe with an influencer or Z-lister about certain subjects we avoid talking about because they’re so controversial, then yeah, let me know.”

Brb, going to sign up for a chat.

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