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Two Love Island 2023 couples have already split up

Yikes! Two Love Island 2023 couples have already broken up just days after leaving the villa

It’s falling apart!

Two Love Island 2023 couples have already split up, just days after they were dumped from the villa. Yes, really. Catherine and Elom and Leah and Montel have both called it a day on their relationships.

According to reports, Catherine and Elom were the first to breakup with an insider telling The Sun they barely saw each other, but “kept up a pretence” whilst doing interviews.

The said: “The pair struggled to make it work in the real world and barely saw each other since the show ended. They kept up a bit of a pretence, while they did the podcast circuit, but everyone knew it was over before it even really started. Catherine’s sister made no secret about her feelings towards Elom so it’s no surprise she cooled things off straight away.”

Elom also posted a weird TikTok about Scott being dumped and “coming out the villa to get his girl back” but speaking following his exit, Scott said there’s “no going back” to Catherine.


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It’s also been reported Leah and Montel are all over. The couple have decided to be just friends, after Leah realised it wouldn’t work between them outside the villa.

Leah said: “Our time in the villa was absolutely incredible, but we’ve actually decided to just be friends. We get on really well and I do really like him, but I feel like for me it’s never enough. I’m obviously looking for someone long-term and shares the same values and morals as me.

“I know I’m someone who has very, very high standards, but I feel like there’s just certain things in people that I’m not able to overlook. I’m glad we built a really good connection while we were there and I know that we’re always going to be friends, but in terms of romantic; we’ve decided to end things.”

Uh oh!

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