Yikes! A ranking of the Love Island 2023 cast who gained the least Instagram followers

What was even the point?

This year, Islanders in the villa didn’t give their social media accounts over to family members to look after, and instead they were dormant whilst they were on the show. So, since this season has ended, there’s been a lot of chat about how little attention the Islanders have been getting online. Going by the Love Island 2023 cast members who have gained the least Instagram followers, this social media ban has hit HARD.

It looks like gone are the days of millions of followers guaranteed and at least some tragic spon con deals no matter how long you were in the villa for, because some have really been scraping the barrel with growth.

So who, out of the Love Island 2023 cast members who were in the main villa, gained the least Instagram followers? Here’s a ranking to break it down.

Casey O’Gorman – 95.8k

Love Island 2023 cast members who gained least Instagram followers

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Casey played a big part in Love Island this year, and had loads of drama with his Claudia and Rosie triangle. Despite being in the villa for nearly five weeks, he’s still not gained even 100k Instagram followers – yet.

Aaron Waters – 93.3k

via Instagram @aaronmwaters

You’d think Aaron would have a bit of a head start here, having appeared on the Australian and now UK version of Love Island. But no, he still hasn’t hit 100k, and currently has 93.3k followers.

Keanan Brand – 88.2k

via Instagram @keabrand_

Justice for Keanan, who honestly seemed like such a nice guy. He was sent packing with Claudia after the Beach Club, and only spent six days in the villa.

Ellie Spence – 64.5k

via Instagram @elliespennie

Ellie was in the villa for just over two weeks, and now has 64.5k Instagram followers. She’s been posting absolutely loads on Instagram since leaving the villa, and has a YouTube channel, so at least she’s making the most of it.

Rosie Seabrook – 58k

Love Island 2023 cast members who gained least Instagram followers

via Instagram @rosieseabrook

Bombshell Rosie might have entered the main Love Island 2023 villa and left near the end, but she’s still the least followed girl on Instagram – currently with 58k followers.

Maxwell Samuda – 55.3k

via Instagram @maxwells_16

Maxwell joined in Casa Amor, and was brought into the main villa by Olivia. He’s only got 55.3k followers to show for his 17 days in the villa.

Spencer Wilks – 37.9k

Love Island 2023 cast members who gained least Instagram followers

via Instagram @spennywilks

Sorry Spencer, but I actually can’t remember anything this guy did in the villa. I’m sure he’s lovely though. When he left the villa, he said he’d seen his Instagram followers “skyrocket” and was “inundated” with women sending him nudes. Hmm, he has 37.9k followers.

Jordan Odofin – 23.4k

via Instagram @jordanodofin1

The second least followed Islander on Instagram from the Love Island 2023 cast is Jordan, with just over 23k followers. He might not have gained many Instagram followers, but he is now dating bombshell Zara. A win!

David Salako – 16.9k

Love Island 2023 cast members who gained least Instagram followers

via Instagram @davidsalako_

David is the least followed Love Island 2023 cast member on Instagram. His follower count might seem pitiful, but he did literally spend just two days in the villa. His was the shortest appearance out of any Islander this year.

Follower counts correct at time of publishing. 

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