Inside the life of Rez from Made in Chelsea, Reza Amiri-Garroussi

From his age to what he does for work: Inside Rez’s life when he’s not on Made in Chelsea

He owns his own business!

In recent seasons of Made in Chelsea, Rez has become a prominent part of the cast. He’s been on the show for four years now, and is a solid member in the centre of the SW friendship group.

Whether it be bickering with Sam Prince, Harvey and Tristan, or refusing to commit to Bella and still flirting with Ruby, he definitely gets up to loads on the show. But what is Reza Amiri-Garroussi like outside of Made in Chelsea, and what else does he get up to in his life? Here’s everything we know.

Rez is currently one of the oldest cast members on Made in Chelsea, and is actually from America

Reza joined Made in Chelsea back in 2019 and was introduced to the show as a friend of Sam Thompson. He’s 36 now, and one of the eldest members of the cast. He was born in America but like many of his fellow cast members, Reza attended Epsom College, a boarding school located in Surrey.

Not much is known about Reza’s parents, but he does have a brother who he’s joked is the “wiser, smarter, more successful version of myself.” It looks as though Reza is an uncle, as his brother appears to have two children.

For work, Rez works in tech and owns a sunglasses brand

Outside of Made in Chelsea, Rez has a lot of work going on. He currently works in tech, and previously worked as the VP of business development EMEA at a tech company called Unruly, which was founded in 2006. Before this, Rez worked in public relations.

As well as this, Rez is now the co-founder of a sunglasses brand. His business is called Dinelli, and is a joint venture with former MIC star, Sam Thompson. You quite often see him wearing the sunglasses on Made in Chelsea.

He has 122k followers on Instagram

Reza has 122k followers on Instagram, and his handle is @rezamcfly. If you want an idea of what his Insta profile vibe is, it’s just very… blue. Pretty much all of his photos have intensely saturated skies above him, or oceans. I mean, it makes his profile like summer all-year round.

Before Made in Chelsea, Rez went to uni in Kent

Reza studied film and history of art, later obtaining his Master’s in business and finance at the University of Kent. He achieved a Master’s with merit, and whilst at uni was vice captain of the rugby team.

He dated Ruby for over 10 years

Famously, Made in Chelsea stars Rez and Ruby dated on and off for over 10 years. They got together when Ruby was 18-years-old and he was 26. By the time they joined Made in Chelsea, they’d already been dating for over a decade.

The couple have since split and become just friends, with both of them having relationships since. Ruby has just gone through a breakup, and Rez is sort of seeing-not-seeing Bella, but they’ll probably never truly define their relationship.

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