Love Is Blind hints at an all stars special

‘They’re back baby!’: Love Is Blind teases an all stars special and I am shaking

Bartise is back in the pods, I repeat, Bartise is back in the pods!

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Love Is Blind has just heavy hinted at some sort of all stars special, and I’m shaking at just the thought of it.

Over a couple of teaser videos made on Instagram, the show has said some iconic cast members are back in the pods, with not a lot of context. “Second time’s the charm. Something BIG coming soon…,” the first post reads. The video then shows season five’s Taylor Rue, season four’s Marshall Glaze and Micah Lussier and season three’s Bartise Bowden. Yes, BARTISE.

Another video followed this up, captioned “They’re back baby!” It shows Taylor in a pod where she says: “I can’t believe I’m back again.” Bartise adds: “This is a first for me!” Marshall is also in the pods, and says: “I actually think we would pair very well together.” Both videos end with “coming soon.”

However, people have pointed out some obvious flaws in this apparent casting. It was announced last week that Marshall is now engaged to someone he’s met since the show, and last reports said Taylor has a new boyfriend, too. She shared a post with a guy called Cameron Shelton as they attended a wedding together, with the caption: “Found my plus one”.

Marshall got engaged over the 2023 festive period to Chay Barnes, after first revealing he was dating her during the After the Altar special on Netflix in September 2023.

Was this filmed a while ago? What does this MEAN?! Either way, we’re getting a new season of Love Is Blind on Valentine’s Day, and some sort of all stars special with previous podders coming back to follow that.

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