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Love Is Blind season six worst editing error ever

People spot biggest Love Is Blind editing error of all time and my brain is truly frazzled

‘Love Is Blind more like Love Is Edited’

Guys, the biggest editing error in Love Is Blind history has been spotted by someone on TikTok, and I’m not being dramatic when I say I’ve watched this 100 times and I still can’t work out how this has happened.

The moment came in episode seven of season six, when the newly engaged couples headed on a holiday together to celebrate their commitments in the pods and start getting to know each other in the real world.

During the trip, AD and Clay sat down together to have a conversation, with the ocean in the background. It all looked beautiful and perfect, until someone on TikTok picked apart how much of a mess the filming for this scene really was.

As they talked, AD told Clay how much she loves the ocean and the sound of it, before they started talking about how good they are as a couple, and how much they couldn’t wait to adapt to life together in the city. They then had some food, and AD looked quite confused as Clay stacked up all of their dishes to be taken away.

But that’s not where the mess really is, it kicks in here. Clay randomly dropped a bombshell about not wanting to let AD down, and out of nowhere all of these lines appeared on screen?! It’s almost as though the scene has been split in two, with Clay filming his bit, AD filming hers and then the two shots have been pieced back together.


I knew reality tv was fake but this was a really bad edit fail by Netlix that my wife caught 😂 #loveisblind #netflix #fyp

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What makes it even worse is that at one point, Clay’s fingers cross over one of the lines on the screen, and become all chopped up and disjointed from his hand. I’m serious when I tell you… it’s WEIRD.

“I knew reality TV was fake but this was a really bad edit fail by Netflix that my wife caught,” the person who spotted it said on TikTok. The comments section is going wild, too. “I don’t understand why you can see the line as the[y] could paint over this in final post so you couldn’t see it. Shoddy work,” one person said.

“Love Is Blind more like Love Is Edited,” another comment said. The original poster then shared their theory of what’s going on, and said: “We think they pieced together a different scene to show the reaction we are seeing here. They probably didn’t like her actual reaction when he spoke.”

Love Is Blind season six worst editing error ever

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