The Islanders are heading to the Beach Club, and there’s another ‘mass dumping’ in store

Nothing good ever happens at the Beach Club

It’s been reported that the incoming dumping facing the 2023 Islanders is going to unfold at the infamous Love Island Beach Club, and more than one couple could face the chop in explosive scenes.

The public has just been asked to vote for a favourite couple, which almost always means the least voted for will be sent packing, but it’s been said more than one couple is on their way home, and this will all happen at the Beach Club.

The Love Island 2023 Beach Club will host a mass dumping

via ITV

According to The Sun, the excitement of being sent out of the villa for a night out is short lived for the Islanders, as they’re hit with some bombshell news. They’re told another brutal dumping is happening, and the public has been voting.

A source told The Sun: “All the excitement of leaving the villa will soon fade away when they get the shocking news that more of them will soon be waving goodbye. There will be tears and major drama.” On Sunday night, we were told the results of the public vote will be shown in Tuesday’s episode this week.

The Love Island 2023 Beach Club will host a mass dumping

via ITV

In the winter series, Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda were dumped, along with Claudia Fogarty and Keenan Brand. All signs are pointing at a similar thing happening this year, too.

The Beach Club always brings solid drama. In previous years we’ve had explosive arguments between Belle and Anton, Danica ripping into Billy, and Georgia Steel and Sam Bird being told they have to split up or leave the villa.

It’s happening again!

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