Solo dates and flights back to Spain: Inside Molly Marsh’s wild first days out the villa

She’s now back in Spain… just as the start date for Casa Amor has been announced 👀

Since she was dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa, Molly Marsh has been documenting her first few days back home. She’s been on solo dinner dates, back on TikTok and appearing on podcasts. It’s a wild ride!

It’s since been reported that Casa Amor is back, and Molly has flown back to Spain, raising even more suspicion she’s heading back for a shocking return. But, before then, she was actively posting and keeping busy. Here’s everything she was up to.

Molly shared her journey back from the villa to the UK

Molly Marsh since the Love Island 2023 villa

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

Of course, the start of Molly’s first few days began with a flight back to the UK. She shared a picture of out her plane window, captioned: “Wow. The love I’ve returned to is so overwhelming I adore each and every one of you.”

She then said she was going to share with us her first few days back, which included going “straight to Greggs” and getting papped whilst doing so. Iconic.

Then Molly was reunited with family, and appeared on Aftersun

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

Very cute –  the first thing Molly did was head somewhere to reunite with her fam. She shared an adorable photo of them all together in team Molly t-shirts, calling their love and support “unmatched”.

She then headed for her appearance on Aftersun, which was live on Sunday. Naturally, she got a Maccies on the way, and who knew how savage backstage of Aftersun is?! Her dressing room was simply labelled: “Dumped Islander”.

Molly Marsh since the Love Island 2023 villa

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

She shared on Instagram that she “loved” Aftersun and was “in her element”. Her dress on the show was from TKMaxx, for those who were wondering!

She’s been on solo dates, and appeared on podcasts

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

Molly said she was going to wait for Zach after the villa, so it’s only right that in the meantime she dates herself. I’m all for it. She went for pizza on her own, before having two podcast appearances.

One of the podcasts Molly has appeared on since the Love Island villa has been The Morning After with Indiyah and Sam Thompson, and Molly told the hosts she’s now got the ick with Zach after watching him get rejected by Kady. Yikes!

Molly then headed home and saw her sister, and posted a few pics with fans

Molly Marsh since the Love Island 2023 villa

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

If you think she’d stop there, you’re wrong, Molly then got straight in the car to head up north. She posted a photo back at home at the family farm, reunited with her little sister, Maisie.

Molly shared a couple of pictures of herself and her sister with fans, who had stopped them and asked for photos. “This feeling is beyond me,” she said. “Meeting such lovely people every day.”

She’s posted her first TikTok back!

Before the show Molly was a huge name on TikTok, and she’s now got over 800k followers on there. So, no surprises, she’s back at her old tricks posting dance videos with her sister.


Back with my little sis! @maisiemarshyy ✨🩷 #loveisland #itsgiving #mollymarsh

♬ original sound – Love Island

The two of them danced to the “it’s giving sexy” audio that’s been going viral since the girls made up a dance in the villa, and Molly captioned it: “When you are reunited with your dance partner.”

As rumours spread she’s heading back to the villa for Casa Amor, Molly has flown to Spain

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

The start date for Casa Amor has been confirmed, and what’s more, Molly has flown back out to Spain. Since this news broke, Molly’s been posting in Ibiza, making people think she could be having a quick pitstop before heading back to the villa.

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