Introducing the jilted exes of the Married at First Sight UK 2023 cast

So many famous people!

Going on a show like Married at First Sight UK would be a shock to anyone, so let’s take a moment to think about how the exes of the 2023 cast must feel. One minute they’re ending a relationship with someone, and now they’re watching them marry a stranger on TV. That must be…fun.

The MAFS UK 2023 cast have some pretty interesting exes between them. They’ve dated models, had angry exes try to crash their Married at First Sight weddings, and a whole bunch of them have dated celebs on other TV shows.

Here is a rundown of all the known exes of the cast of Married at First Sight UK 2023.

Kelsie Jean Smeby – JJ’s famous Victoria’s Secret model ex girlfriend

When JJ joined the show he kept piping up about the fact he used to live in America, have a party life and date a Victoria’s Secret model. But, nobody actually expected the latter to be true. She is! JJ used to date Kelsie Jean Smeby, a model based in LA with over one million followers on Instagram.

Their relationship unfortunately came to and end when she cheated on him. JJ said on the show: “It was horrible, and it hurt me a lot and it was probably one of the worst things that I’ve been through.”

A MAFS UK show insider said: “JJ made some bold claims about his partying lifestyle in LA and the company he kept, and it’s not exaggerated. He had a wild and life-enhancing experience out there where he mixed with some real A-listers.

“JJ was loved up with Kelsie until the relationship broke down in the worst possible way for him. It’s the reason why his pals were hoping he was matched with a totally different type of girl on MAFS.”

Angus Findlay – Laura’s ex boyfriend

Ahead of appearing on Married at First Sight, Laura revealed she used to date Made in Chelsea star, Angus Findlay. She didn’t reveal too much about their relationship, but it does match her saying she wanted a Chelsea boy!

Andrew – Peggy’s ex

When Peggy was 19, she appeared on Take Me Out. She was successful, and kept her light on for “soccer mad” Andrew from Liverpool. He chose her, and the pair headed off to the Isle of Fernando’s.

“When I first saw Peggy she was good looking, my heart was pumping,” Andrew said of his date. Peggy said “words couldn’t describe” how much she fancied Andrew.

They went on a boat and had champagne and kissed on their first date together. “It just clicked,” Peggy said, before saying Andrew “ticked all the boxes.” She said she thought’d she’d found Mr Right, so they obviously kept things going for a while!

A whole bunch of the cast have celebrity exes from when they appeared on Celebs Go Dating

Married at First Sight UK 2023 exes, who MAFS cast used to date

via Channel 4

By now, you’re probably very aware that loads of the cast of MAFS this year have been on other TV shows, and dating series. This means loads of the cast consider celebs and famous fames among people they’ve dated in the past.

Let’s get a rundown. Laura dated Hollyoaks actor Gary Lucy on Celebs Go Dating, Georges was on the show too and went on dates with TOWIE icon Chloe Simms, and Brad was on Celebs Go Dating back in 2016, where he dated Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby.

Married at First Sight UK 2023 exes, who MAFS cast used to date

via Channel 4

Luke’s ex wanted to turn up at his MAFS wedding!

Ahead of the show airing, Luke told The Tab of how his ex-girlfriend tried to “turn up and stop” his wedding on the show. He said his decision to join the experiment “shocked” family and friends, but they always want the best for him and so ultimately understood his choice. But, when it came to his ex-girlfriend of eight years, sharing the news of his upcoming wedding didn’t go as smoothly.

He said: “With regards to my ex, I’m still close to her family so I told her family and then I did see her out in the pub, three days later. And she was telling me she was going to find out where the wedding was in, turn up and try and stop it. She didn’t thankfully.”

He added: “She wasn’t she wasn’t happy. We were together for eight years. She wouldn’t watch [MAFS], she left me, but she regrets it. But unfortunately, you only get one chance with me.”

Laura was married once before the show

Right at the start of her MAFS journey, Laura revealed she had been married before. She was in a relationship for four years, and married for eight months, but not much is known about who her previous partner is.

Speaking to press ahead of the show, Laura said she wasn’t married for long and because of this felt she “didn’t get to explore married life”. She added that she hopes the wedding on MAFS will be more successful, and said: “No one wants to be divorced twice.”

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