Love Island’s Andrew Le Page has opened up about brain tumour diagnosis aged 20

‘I couldn’t speak, I literally just could not speak’

Love Island 2022 star Andrew Le Page has opened up about when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, aged 20. He has spoken about the “really scary” time of his life, which left him in a state of shock where he was unable to speak.

The now 27-year-old has spoken about his diagnosis on Tasha’s Superpowers podcast, and said he found a lump, which he initially just thought was part of his skull. He said the growth was “big” but he at first didn’t think anything of it, and made no plans to get it checked out by doctors.

It was his brother who persuaded him to get it looked at, and Andrew explained: “‘So I had like a lump on my head for like a few years, and my brother felt it and was like ‘Andrew, what is that?’ and I was like ‘I don’t know, I’ve had it for a while’.

“Then and there, he called up the doctor and got me an appointment and I had an MRI, then went back to the doctors again, and they told me I had this brain tumour.”

Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page on Love Island 2022

via ITV

Andrew described being unable to speak because of the shock of his diagnosis, and said he broke down in tears in his car, before he “literally went back to work that afternoon.”

He said his colleagues “all knew” what he’d been at the doctor’s for, so were asking him how it went. “I couldn’t speak,” Andrew said. “I literally just could not speak. Eventually one of my colleagues went to my boss and said ‘I think Andrew needs to go home and process this’.”

A few weeks later, Andrew travelled to London to have the lump operated on. “It was scary, really scary,” Andrew added. “Like this is major, having a brain tumour at 20. Within two weeks, I flew to London and had surgery, got it removed, but at the time it was so scary, like what could have been.”

He concluded by saying he is in “all good” health now.

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