Casa Amor recoupling is ‘most devastating ever’ with ‘couples splitting all over the place’

It sounds INTENSE

The Casa Amor recoupling of Love Island 2023 is upon us, and it’s been called the most savage and devastating ever, leaving the entire villa in tears. It’s also been reported the scenes get so dramatic, one Islander stormed off set whilst filming, I am SO ready.

The big recoupling is one of the most hotly anticipated parts of Love Island every year, and the climax of Casa Amor 2023 has already been filmed, ready for us to see play out tonight.

The Sun has revealed the ceremony ends in a mass dumping, with six Islanders being sent packing at the end of it. It’s been called the “most devastating recoupling ever” and “the most savage recoupling ever, with couples splitting up all over the place.” It’s also been backed as one of the “most explosive episodes the show has ever aired.”

A source told the publication: “Six Islanders got dumped from the island – it was a mass axing. Everyone was crying and it was so tense – nobody could guess who would recouple and who would come back single. It’ll be an unmissable episode – even Maya Jama was shocked by some of the choices!”

The Casa Amor recoupling for Love Island 2023 is here

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A further source added: “It’s the most dramatic episode of the series so far. There were tears, tantrums and one of the cast even stormed off at one point. Mouths were hanging open at some of the recoupling decisions – it was a tense night and filming went on for hours.

“There are some real shocks and it was a hugely emotional night. It’s an unmissable episode that fans will be talking about for weeks. As well as all the drama there were some really nice speeches – and some of the new couples are really sweet.”

Right now, the shock choices lay in a number of the Islanders’ hands. Will Ella recouple with Ouzy or stick with Ty? Will Sammy pick Amber or Gabby, or return to Jess? Will Catherine recouple with Elom or go home to Scott? Is Kady going to be dumped now Molly is back with Zach? Has Montel’s head been turned?

Guys, I’m not sure we’re ready!

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