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Netflix has finally revealed who pays for the Love Is Blind weddings

In season four over $50k was spent on just flowers

One huge question everyone has had since day one of Love Is Blind is who pays for the lavish weddings at the end of the show. Do the couples have to fork out thousands for their ceremonies? Or does Netflix pay the bill because the cast are taking part in the show?

Well, Netflix has finally answered the question on everyone’s lips. Posting on Tudum, Netflix said every single penny towards the weddings is covered, which isn’t what has been speculated in the past.

Love Is Blind is all about falling in love without ever seeing the other person — and when it comes to the wedding, without seeing a single cent of their own money,” the article reads. “That’s right, with all the pressure building up to the big day, the one thing the bride and groom don’t have to worry about is breaking the bank, as all costs are covered.”

The wedding planner the show brings in has a set budget for all the weddings, which is divided among the group to make their dreams a reality.

Love Is Blind weddings

via Netflix

“I design the same type of weddings I would do for celebrity clients,” event stylist Slomique Hawrylo said. “I don’t pull back [thinking], ‘Oh, they’re just everyday people.’ It’s not about that for me. What it’s about is, can I give them something new, fresh, breathtaking and a dream?”

In terms of how much is spent, season four included tens of thousands just on flowers, with some of the florals costing around $50,000 to $60,000, whilst securing a tent for the ceremonies ate up almost $120,000 of the overall budget.

However, the show’s creator Chris Coelen has said if the couples want to personally add stuff to their wedding beyond the budget, the show won’t stop them. “If they wanted to spend their own money, or try to enhance it within reason, we would certainly allow that,” he said. “We would never put any constraints on them unless it was something we couldn’t accommodate within the show. That was really up to them.”

Chris added the cast do plan their own weddings alongside the planner, and production takes a backseat here. “Aside from production logistics, we wanted them to really plan their weddings, and they did,” he said. “They would talk to one another about things like what they wanted, who they wanted to invite and what they wanted their vows to be.”

And yes, the wedding are legally binding. Two couples from season two ended up getting divorced, and that would have all had to be done legally, like a normal divorce.

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