Love Island, a failed proposal and a split: Everything that happened between Chloe and Toby

Toby said on All Stars they split because he couldn’t trust her anymore

It’s been a while since Love Island 2021 couple Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran broke up – but it’s one of those splits that still hurts a little bit. They were together for over a year, before calling quits on their relationship.

Now, both Toby and Chloe are dating in the public eye once again, appearing in All Stars and recently being in the cast of Celebs Go Dating. Across both series, the couple have spoken about their split, and even posed the question of getting back together.

From when they met in the villa, to when they split and what they’ve said about it since – a lot has happened between Chloe and Toby. Here’s the full rundown.

Chloe and Toby on Love Island 2021

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Chloe and Toby met and went official whilst on the 2021 series of Love Island

Chloe and Toby were both Islanders on the 2021 series of Love Island, and their journey on the show together was anything but smooth. Chloe was the first bombshell, and was coupled up with Islanders such as Hugo Hammond before getting into a couple with Toby.

Toby was that season’s messy boy, who couldn’t decide who he wanted. He cracked on with Abigail after Chloe, then brought Mary back from Casa Amor, before deciding he wanted Chloe back. It’s no wonder Chloe’s line of saying it was “a violation, that was very muggy” hit so hard. Nobody was going to take her for a prick, no whey.

But, the couple managed to navigate back towards one another, and ended in second place, behind Millie and Liam. Toby officially asked Chloe to be his girlfriend during his declaration of love in the final.

In November 2021, Chloe and Toby moved in together

Just after Love Island finished, Chloe and Toby moved in together. It was revealed their place was a £1million mansion that the actual Henry VIII used to live in. No, really it was.

The house Chloe and Toby bought was in Essex, and was just down the road from where winners Millie and Liam had just got a place together.

The couple went on holidays together, and celebrated their one year anniversary

For a long time, everything looked great for Chloe and Toby. They were both thriving with work after the villa, and went on some gorgeous holidays together. Their first holiday was in May, a trip to Jamaica. In August 2022 the couple shared their one-year anniversary, with Toby posting saying “time flies when you’re having fun.”

Toby proposed to Chloe but she said no

In a YouTube video, the pair said Toby once proposed to Chloe, but she said no! Whilst doing a Q&A session to mark their one year anniversary together, they answered some questions from fans. One said: “Have you discussed marriage or do you think it’s too early?” and Chloe went on to say Toby has already proposed once, but she rejected him.

“He actually asked me and I said no,” she said before laughing. He then went on to explain she said no to him because he’d already told newspapers that it would be Chloe who would propose, not him.

“You know why she said that,” Toby said. “Because I told The Sun and other newspapers that if someone’s going to get married or if someone’s going to propose, Chloe’s going to get down on one knee.”

There were rumours the relationship was breaking down, and Chloe went on a girls’ holiday

In October 2022, Love Island besties Millie and Chloe headed off to Marrakesh together, as rumours began to circulate that both Chloe and Toby and Millie and Liam were struggling in their respective relationships.

In October 2022, Chloe and Toby announced they had broken up

The news Chloe and Toby were no more came in October 2022, a year and two months after they made it official in the Love Island villa. At the time a source said they were still living together, whilst making arrangements to go their separate ways.

The source added: “Chloe and Toby put everything into their relationship – but it hasn’t worked out between them. There’s been no wrongdoing, they have simply grown apart, and over time realised it’s better for them both to split. Naturally, Chloe has found the breakup difficult being able to spend time abroad with Millie has given her the space she needed to start moving on.”

Chloe revealed it was Toby who dumped her

In the first episode of her YouTube show, Chloe naturally decided to address questions people had about her split from Toby. During a chat with Millie, Chloe dropped the bombshell it was actually Toby who ended their relationship, and said it left her heartbroken.

Millie said: “You were in a sad place and the only resolution I could think of was to go on holiday. We had a lot of fun there.” Chloe revealed on the holiday to Morocco she had “no serotonin” in her body and was “depressed.” She recalled listening to a song about heartbreak and thinking it was the “saddest moment in her life.”

Toby said it was easy to decide he and Chloe needed to breakup

Toby previously said his split from Chloe “wasn’t a hard decision”. He said: “Once you’re having serious core problems, really and truly it’s done, isn’t it. It’s one of those ones, because it’s my relationship I don’t want to say what those issues were. I haven’t really said it out loud to anyone really and truly, it’s almost like I’m running from it. I run from it.”

Chloe called her breakup from Toby the ‘worst thing’ she’s ever been through

Chloe later opened up more about her split from Toby, and said due to being in the public she felt “hounded” when she didn’t post. Speaking to OK! Magazine, Chloe said going through a public breakup was “literally the worst thing I have been through”.

“I wouldn’t do that again. If I didn’t post anything about the two of us for like three days, I was hounded,” she said. “I felt pressure to keep everyone updated. If I hadn’t had that pressure it would have been a lot more smooth sailing I reckon.”

Toby was apparently supportive of Chloe going on Celebs Go Dating

Chloe then appeared in the latest series of Celebs Go Dating, a decision her ex Toby was fine with. When asked if Toby knew about her taking part in the show, she said: “I know he said in an article recently that we don’t speak but, we’re not on bad terms. Out of respect, I did tell him and he was like, ‘Do it’. I don’t know if he was jumping for joy but, he knew.”

Toby is on Love Island: All Stars, and said they split because he couldn’t trust her

Toby is now appearing on Love Island: All Stars, and was asked by fellow Islanders what caused him and Chloe to split. He described how he felt he “couldn’t trust her anymore” and said “something happened” which caused this. He didn’t elaborate too much on what the “something” was, but when it was suggested Chloe had gone out and “done something”, Toby replied: “Something like that, yeah.”

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