Wait, did Chloe just accidentally confirm Millie and Liam are back together?!

The cover’s been blown!

For the last few weeks we’ve all been patiently waiting for Love Island 2021 winners Millie and Liam to confirm they’re back together. Last month it was reported the couple had rekindled their relationship, but it’s been radio silence from them ever since.

But, Millie now lives with her Love Island bestie Chloe Burrows, who seems to have *accidentally* posted a major spoiler that Millie and Liam are back together. What a hero.

In a TikTok video posted to Chloe’s account, she and Millie are ordering a Chinese to their home. Part-way through the video, Millie starts talking to ~ someone else ~ with them in the flat, who then replies in a mysteriously similar Welsh accent to Liam’s.


A chinese for me please!!

♬ original sound – Chloe Burrows

People in the comments section have, naturally, gone absolutely wild. “I hear Liam, cheers for the confirmation Chloe!,” one person said. Another added: “Sorry but is that Liam speaking in the background or am I going insane hearing it?”

If you want some more accurate analysis, another person said: “That is def Liam we have the same accent we’re from the same town, I know a Merthyr accent when I hear one.” That’s it – I’m convinced!

In April, it was reported Millie and Liam had got back together after nine months apart. Millie had previously posted a YouTube video saying she was seeing someone new, but wasn’t ready to share who.

The couple were pictured as they spent the Bank Holiday in the Lake District, reportedly on a romantic getaway. A source close to them told MailOnline the couple have been meeting up in secret and are working through their previous issues. “Millie and Liam have been talking again, but it’s early days for them,” they said.

“They weren’t expecting to get back together after their breakup was so painful for them both, but months have passed, and they still couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Coming out of Love Island was a whirlwind and now they’re just looking to take things slowly and see if they can rebuild their relationship, which may take some time.”

This TikTok isn’t the first time Chloe has heavy hinted Millie and Liam are back on. During her new YouTube show, Chloe said Millie’s ideal man right now is “talk, dark, handsome and Welsh”. She laughed as Millie asked her what she thinks her type is, and Chloe said “I don’t know if you’ll let me put this, but I’m putting it” as she wrote the answer down.

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