‘I feel abandoned’: Inside the relationship Lottie Moss has with supermodel sister Kate

‘I’ve felt for a very long time that nothing I did was ever going to be as good as what she’s done’

Lottie Moss has opened up about feeling as though she was “never good enough” when compared to her sister, UK supermodel Kate Moss. Lottie is currently appearing on Celebs Go Dating, and has given an insight into both her dating and family life.

25-year-old Lottie has said her relationship with Kate was one of the reasons she branched out into working in OnlyFans, as a way to do something that made her happy. Speaking to the show’s new sex expert Dr Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, Lottie said she has always felt compared to 49-year-old Kate, who is her half sister.

Speaking about problems in her confidence and dating life, and letting people in, Lottie said: “I kind of know where this problem stems from. I’ve felt quite abandoned by my sister and we’ve not had a very good relationship for quite a few years.” She recalled not being able to go anywhere without seeing a poster of her sister, or a Diet Coke can with her name on.

“Me and my sister have never been close,” Lottie said. “There is a big age gap. She doesn’t have to want to have a relationship with me. When I was younger, I couldn’t understand it.” Lottie said she felt she could never live up to her sister’s achievements, which left her with a huge feeling of emptiness. “Nothing would ever be as good as what she’s done,” Lottie said.

“Every person’s house I go to they have some sort of Kate Moss poster, Kate Moss book, Kate Moss Diet Coke can, and everyone brings her up. I’ve felt for a very long time that nothing I did was ever going to be as good as what she’s done. I can’t top that, so where does that leave me?”

Lottie Moss and sister Kate Moss

Lottie and Kate Moss in 2014, via Mark Large/ Shutterstock

What is the relationship between Lottie and Kate Moss like?

Lottie Moss is the daughter of Inger Solnordal and Peter Moss – she and Kate share a father. Lottie made her magazine debut in 2011, when she appeared in Kate’s wedding pictures as a bridesmaid. A few years later Lottie was signed by Storm Models, the same agency that discovered Kate.

According to reports, Kate is “embarrassed” by her half sister, saying Lottie “indulged” in recent headlines about rumours Lottie had slept with Spencer Matthews at the wedding of Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo.

“As soon as the rumours started circulating about Spencer and Lottie, Kate found herself cringing,” a source claimed to Heat magazine. “She can’t believe Lottie is willing to indulge headlines over speculation about being with a married man. Even if she says nothing happened, it just goes against everything Kate stands for, as she’s always lived by the mantra ‘never complain, never explain’.”

According to the source, Kate “finds it all highly embarrassing and would just rather not be associated with her [Lottie].” However, following reports Kate was “mortified” by Lottie’s OnlyFans career, Lottie said Kate had told her she was actually “super proud” of her.

Lottie concluded on Celebs Go Dating: “I love her. She’s my sister, but we’re just not close. It is what it is.”

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