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The cast of Love Island 2023 Casa Amor now

DMs from footballers and dating each other: What the Casa Amor 2023 Islanders are up to now

Nothing but respect for them rinsing the show for all it’s worth

One month on, and despite not even being in the main villa, the Casa Amor Islanders from Love Island 2023 are pushing their way into our lives every single day.

Whether it be silly little news articles about them going back to their day jobs, or them going on podcasts to trash talk the other Islanders, they’re doing the most to stick around. You have to respect the grind.

We’ve had a check-in with the main cast, so here’s everything the Casa Amor bunch from Love Island 2023 are up to now. No, Molly Marsh and Lochan don’t count!

Tink Reading

After not being chosen by Montel in the Casa coupling, the drama didn’t stop there for Tink. Once Leah and Montel left the villa they split up, and a picture with Tink was apparently part of the reason for this. A picture of Tink and Montel at an event after Love Island was posted, which apparently solidified that there was no trust between Leah and Montel. Yikes.

That aside, Tink has said in an interview that top-level footballers have been sliding into her DMs recently. Chatting on FUBAR Radio, Tink said: “I’ve had a few blue ticks in the DMs. It’s more like footballers and stuff really… It’s not Premier League football. It’s not a UK team.” She confirmed it was an English-born player, and added: “It’s Real Madrid.” I’ll let you work that one out.

She’s also hooked herself up with a management, and has been at loads of press events, such as a day at PrettyLittleThing HQ and influencer invites to festivals. She’s posted adverts on Instagram with brands such as Tequila Rosé, Sorelle UK and PLT.

Kodie Murphy

One month on and Casa Amor Islander Kodie is still regularly hinting that he and fellow Casa Islander Amber Wise might have sparked something up since the show. The truth is, we don’t know, but they have been hanging out a lot since the show ended.

After Love Island, Kodie took to the lifestyle, and has been non-stop attending events and festivals with his fellow Islanders. He did an ad with Jack Wills at Leeds fest, very classic, and then to keep us on our toes posted a picture with a baby captioned: “Crazy what can happen in a year”. He’s an uncle now, it’s all chill.

Gabby Jeffery

After being on Casa Amor this year, Gabby has returned to her day job. But, it’s not really too far from the job most Islanders go on the show hoping to achieve, as before Love Island Gabby was working for PLT. She’s headed back to the fashion brand, in her role as a creative assistant.

A source told The Sun: “Gabby has always loved her job and is really good at it. Everyone at PLT supported her doing Love Island and always said she could return. Her Love Island journey wasn’t exactly explosive and she’s happy to be back at PLT.”

It’s not all back to work and no fun for Gabby though, who has enjoyed a summer of going to festivals and brand events, including We Are FSTVL with PLT, and a trip to Marbella.

Ouzy See

Naturally, the biggest drama with Ouzy since Love Island 2023 has been his dramatic breakup from Kady. It was announced just weeks after the show they’d split and Ouzy had spent two nights in a hotel in London with another girl.

Ouzy claimed the girl “set him up” but admitted it was his fault the relationship came to an end. The girl then clapped back and said it was “utter rubbish” that she would set Ouzy up, and “laughable” for Ouzy to claim there was nothing romantic between them. It’s been very messy!

On top of this, Ouzy has gone back to his previous job as a footballer. He plays for Edinburgh City, and posted a picture of himself on the pitch captioned: “First day back in the trenches.” He’s also done an Instagram post with a London hotel, not the same one he went to behind Kady’s back, but still a little bit awks.

Amber Wise

Amber has spent her entire time out the villa on boujee holidays, and has just been on a press trip with Ego in Marbella. She’s got a management now, and has been sharing some vlogs on her YouTube channel. One of her latest videos is called “BRAND TRIP WITH EGO” and another is “CHAOTIC PORTUGAL VLOG”. So yeah, a lot of travelling.

Zachary Ashford

If you don’t remember Zach then don’t worry, his appearance on Love Island this year was short but sweet, and he didn’t have a connection with anyone. Since the show he hasn’t posted much, but he has taken part in a celebrity charity football match, and been spotted hanging out at festivals with the other Islanders.

Abi Moores

I actually completely forgot that Abi was Casa and not a bombshell?! Anyway, since the villa she’s been busy talking about Mitch and Ella B on podcasts and in interviews, so much so that people linked their recent breakup to her. Abi said Ella B was “intimidated” by her in her relationship with Mitch, and said Mitch is “flirty” with her at events. Drama!

Abi was an influencer before the show, and it looks like that’s the path she’s continuing on now. She’s recently posted about brands such as Essie, Ego and PrettyLittleThing.

Elom Ahlijah-Wilson

Since leaving the villa and splitting from Catherine, Elom has returned to building his empire alone. Prior to the show he was working as an online fitness coach, based in Dubai. He set up his own business in 2022,  after leaving his corporate job as an investment banker.

He now often shares progress videos of his clients on his Instagram page, as well as training photos of himself. After leaving the show, Elom said he was back “touching base” with all of his clients. He also captions all his Instagram pictures with “#model” so maybe he’s making moves there?

Danielle Mazhindu

Every year there is a Casa Islander who gets such little screen time, people actually wonder if they went missing. Unfortunately that was Danielle this year, who basically went unseen for the entire week of the second villa.

She obviously did make loads of friends on the show, because she still regularly meets up with Tink, Gabby and Amber, and also did the festival circuit with them all this summer. Were any of the Casa Islanders not at We Are FSTVL?

Benjamin Noel

Benjamin is sadly another Islander who got very little screen time, and you probably wouldn’t be able to identify him in a lineup. He was a fitness coach before the villa, and has gone back to doing this since.

“I’ve missed my 5ams,” he said in an Instagram post. “Honestly I know most will think ‘shatapp’ you’re a liar! But for me waking up at this hour and starting the day with productivity (work and training) gives me a massive sense of achievement early doors. Give it a go! Try early wake ups, doesn’t have to be 5am but a time where you can maybe get a task you need / want to do, before work.”

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