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Mitch from Love Island 2023 has shown off modelling photos

Mitch has shared loads of old pictures from his modelling days and they’re classic

He kept this one quiet, huh?

Love Island 2023 star Mitch Taylor has posted a TikTok where he’s going through a bunch of old pictures from a modelling shoot. Mitch oh Mitch, these are classic.

Who knew the gas engineer from Sheffield had such flair in front of the camera? I certainly didn’t. Mitch posted the video and said the pictures were taken when he was in year 10 – so around 15 – and he can be seen flicking through the photo album of them all.

Does anyone else remember those shoots we used to book when we were teenagers for our birthdays with friends? Well it very much feels like that kind of situation, not some fully-fledged modelling career he kept hush hush in the villa.


Looking back at 10 year old modelling photos #messymitch #loveisland

♬ original sound – MessyMitch

There are some absolutely golden pictures amongst them. A personal fave is the one where he’s wearing the thick rimmed glasses, because I love to imagine him raiding a box of props and selecting them thinking “yep, they’re the vibe.”

He’s also got great ones of him all suited and booted, and then in contrast wearing a very Kavos 2013 style drop sleeve vest. He’s flicking through the photos as Photograph by Nickelback plays, but people have noticed the music hasn’t been added through TikTok… he’s using his phone to play the background track.

“Mitch using a second device for music rather than just adding the song in is so ✨Mitch✨,” one person said. Another added: “Not the music playing through his phone 🙈🙈.” Another person said the pics are very much Mitch in his clean girl era, which is a big vibe.

Maybe after Love Island Mitch will go back into modelling? He’s a natural x

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