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Ron says he’s struggling since Love Island and feels ‘unemployed’ in new life

He said there’s not enough ‘brutal honesty’ about life after the villa

Love Island 2023 Islander Ron Hall has opened up about his struggles since leaving the winter villa in South Africa earlier this year. Ron ended in second place alongside Lana Jenkins, and the couple are still together now.

In a YouTube video, Ron has said he has struggled adapting to the new life villa fame has given him, in particular his career and working now. He admitted he “doesn’t know what he’s doing” when it comes to making content, TikToks and YouTube videos, but said he’s trying his best to create the sort of things his followers want to see.

“I think if people told me a year ago I’d be making a YouTube channel, I’d have told them they were nutters,” he said.  Speaking about the “new world” he’s been catapulted into, Ron said he “doesn’t care for it” and still feels “like a normal bloke.”

He said the strangest part of his new life for him is being known, and people recognise him in public all the time. “The best thing is, when people come up to me and they ask for a picture, you get these unbelievable people,” he said. “I don’t know why, because I feel so normal, but I feel like it makes people’s days. For me that’s very surreal, it doesn’t make sense.”

He added going to events all the time, and being able to play golf during the week feels “weird” and said he “should be doing a job”. He spoke about “feeling unemployed” and how content creation as a job doesn’t suit his brain.

“A bit of honesty here about this ‘whole new life’, I almost feel unemployed, but 24/7 working,” he said.  “Your brain doesn’t switch off. Anyone else who’s tried to make a TikTok, I don’t know if this is just me this is my new job and life now, your brain constantly has to think of ideas. I’m not that creative. My brain doesn’t think that way – it’s hard.”

He said there isn’t enough “brutal honesty” about what life is really like for Islanders after they leave the villa.

Ron went on to explain he wants a big part of his life to be focusing on awareness of disabilities, confidence and mental health. Since Ron was the first ever partially sighted Love Island cast member, he said he would like to share honesty and “help anyone” he can.

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