There was a huge editing error in Love Is Blind season six and I can’t believe we missed it

How did this happen?!

Guys, it turns out there was a huge editing error during the pods section of Love Is Blind season six and it’s so bad, I honestly can’t believe nobody picked up on it.

Sure, there are editing errors in most reality shows, as the clips are chopped up and placed in the final edit almost completely different to how things really played out most of the time. Hell, Love Is Blind even makes the cast members sip drinks out of those gold wine glasses purely so the audience doesn’t pick up on continuity errors. But, one has still slipped through the net!

The editing error moment in question came in Love Is Blind season six, episode four – when the pods section of the show was very well established. It came just before *that* EpiPen speech from Jessica, in the pods with Jimmy.

Love Is Blind season six editing error, Netflix

via Netflix

Trevor, Johnny and Jeramey could be seen chatting in the men’s living quarters about what Trevor was going to do about the love square he seemed to have found himself in. Trevor was sat at one end of the table, Johnny at the other, and Jeramey was stood up at the counter.

The camera pans to just Trevor’s face, and you can happily see the chairs around him are empty. However, then the camera pans back out to a wider shot of the entire room, and suddenly there’s a random man sat opposite Trevor?!

Love Is Blind season six editing error, Netflix

via Netflix

Who is this guy?! How did nobody notice he just magically appeared in shot?! If I’m being honest with you, I genuinely have no idea who this bloke who has joined the conversation actually is. I’ve gone back onto the original cast list of daters for season six, and I think the unnamed man could be 31-year-old Nolan, who we definitely saw none of during the show.

Huge parts of this conversation must have been cut out and/or moved around for an entire man to walk over, take a seat and settle into the chat without us being able to see it.


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