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Wait, there’s been another Love Island editing error already and how did we miss it?!


We might only be one week into Love Island 2023, but already the filming blunders are rolling in. A glitch was spotted in a conversation between Jess and Sammy earlier this week, and now someone has pointed out there was also an editing error with Ella from an episode of Love Island last week, too!

The moment happened when bombshell Sammy was first introduced to the villa. He chose some of the girls to go on a date with him in the Hideaway. It was all a bit awkward, with the girls having to take off and do up their shoes, whilst Sammy just sort of sat and watched from within the jacuzzi.

So awkward it seems, that the producers decided they simply must cut out part of the shoe sorting from what we saw. On Sammy’s date with Ella, there was a pretty funny editing error, and tbh, I’m thanking Love Island for this one.

Editing error in Love Island 2023 with Ella and date with Sammy

via ITV

After the date, Ella was shown getting out the jacuzzi in bare feet, and leaving the Hideaway with nothing on her feet still. But then, as she enters back into the main part of the villa – magic! – her shoes are back on.

Her gold heels are perfectly done up and she’s strutting into the villa.

Editing error in Love Island 2023 with Ella and date with Sammy

via ITV

On the other dates with Sammy, we saw the girls struggling to do up their shoes quickly and leave the date as the silence and tension as they did so built up.

Maybe Ella requested to not have to do her shoes up in front of Sammy? Is it an ick of hers? Who knows how much of the end of the date was cut out? Either way, the producers have majorly mugged off the other girls by not extending this editing privilege to them.


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