Love Is Blind’s Shayne and Natalie are beefing again, now over him being in a new show

Natalie is claiming he was in talks for the new dating show when they were still together

Love Is Blind season two cast members Shayne and Natalie are beefing once again – this time over the announcement that Shayne is taking part in a new Netflix dating show called Perfect Match.

Netflix has just announced a new wild crossover dating show called Perfect Match, where people from other reality series will be back to try and find love again, with Shayne among those taking part.

On TikTok, Natalie has claimed Shayne was casting for the show in November 2021 – whilst she and him were in a relationship. She said he was casting “obviously behind my back” so she will definitely be watching the new dating series to see how he gets on.

However, Shayne has a very different view of how this casting played out. He has posted screenshots on his Instagram story of messages appearing to be from Natalie, where she is actively encouraging him to take part in the new show. “I really want you to enjoy life because this show for you is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” one text to Shayne reads.


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Another texts tells Shayne “not to give up” on the new dating show because of “LIB [Love Is Blind] or me”. Shayne can then be seen replying saying “Nat I love you more than anything” and the reply says “please be happy – have fun”.

In a later Instagram post, Shayne referred to “someone” as trying to “destroy my character for personal gain” with the new show coming out. “I have tried to move on numerous times, but this keeps resurfacing,” he said.

In a further response on Instagram, Natalie has now said she and Shayne were both approached for Perfect Match, but told each other they had declined to take part in the show. “I later found out he actually didn’t decline and started the casting process in Nov 2021 without my knowledge,” she said.


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She then went on to claim Shayne had been in contact with her throughout the filming for Perfect Match, saying he wanted to pull out because he still has feelings for her.

It really looks as though people are torn with who to believe here. One comment reads: “I want to believe her [Natalie] but where are the receipts? At least he [Shayne] provided text message proof.” Another said: “What has Shayne done to make anyone trust what he says?” One more person added: “Honestly I was team Natalie at first, but I’ve totally switched now. She needs to let him move on.”

Perfect Match will be available on Netflix from February 14th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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