Who is Julia? Everything we know about 21-year-old who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann

She’s a singer and songwriter from Poland

In the last few days it’s been impossible to avoid the case of a girl going viral because she thinks she might be Madeleine McCann. She first posted her claims to Instagram, and now her page has gone viral and she’s got nearly a million followers. She’s gained so much attention the McCann family has apparently agreed to DNA tests with her. But, the big question here is: Who is Julia, the girl who believes she might be Madeleine McCann?

She thinks she could hold answers to arguably the biggest mystery of this generation, but what do we actually know about her? Here is a rundown of everything we know so far about Julia – the girl claiming she could be Madeleine McCann.

Julia is 21 and from Poland

Julia is 21 and from Poland. There has been a bit of confusion about where Julia is from, with some people saying Poland and others saying Germany – but it appears this confusion is because Julia is from Poland, but living in Germany.

In her Instagram videos Julia has mentioned having a boyfriend at the moment, but in one post said he “wants to leave me – because of this case.”

She has said a bit about her early life too, and mentioned not remembering much of her childhood – which is one of the pieces of evidence which has lead Julia to believe she might be Madeleine McCann. “My teacher at school said that I didn’t always attend school, but my parents insist that I did,” she said. “After all that confusion, I started doing my own research, I discovered what happened to Madeleine McCann and I connected the dots. It’s so stressful trying to get people to believe me.”

She added: “I don’t remember most of my childhood but my earliest memory is very strong and it’s about holidays in hot place where there was a beach and white or very light coloured buildings with apartments. I don’t see my family in this memory.”

Madeleine went missing in 2007 from the family apartment, which is white, in Praia Da Luz, Portugal.

She said she’s never been fully sure of her identity

Madeleine went missing in 2007 from the family apartment, which is white, in Praia Da Luz, Portugal.

She said she’s never been fully sure of her identity

Some reports online say Julia was adopted as a child, but Julia herself has said one reason she is suspicious of her parents is because she’s never seen photos of her mother pregnant.


People are not entirely sure of her identity as it appears she goes by three different surnames

There have been a lot of different reports about what Julia’s real name actually is. Some places refer to her as Julia Faustyna, others Julia Wendell, and some Julia Wandelt. It’s not been made entirely clear, but most people seem to say her real name is Julia Faustyna.

She is a singer and model

According to a Facebook page under the name Julia Faustyna, which appears to belong to Julia, she is a singer and songwriter, and a piano and ukulele player. Her page says she is managed by a Swedish music management company. Other reports claim she has done some modelling, too.


Julia first started to think she might be Madeleine McCann a few months ago

In her first video, Julia said she first thought she might be Madeleine McCann “a few months ago” and added “it was something that I heard from my grandma.”

Julia told The Tab she has spoken to her family about her beliefs too, but they didn’t want to talk to her about it. “[My] mother didn’t want to talk about it,” she said. “She said the past is in the past and she is not going to talk about the past. She said now is the future and we should focus on the future. My dad said, ‘even if I am not your father will it change anything?’”.


Julia now has a rep – who is a psychic medium specialising in the Madeleine McCann case

Since her story has gained so much attention, Julia has now got a representative. She is being managed by Dr Fia Johansson – who has previously claimed Madeleine is alive and living in Germany. Dr Fia is a psychic medium, actress and author who has apparently worked with the US police because she believes Madeleine is alive.


Dr Fia is now the contact for reaching out to Julia and has been doing Instagram live videos alongside her and responding to media requests.

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