Guys, Love Is Blind season five drops next month and it looks dramatic

Surprise! In a preview released by Netflix, the new couples are crying

Guys – the pods are back! Love Is Blind season five is here, so we’re getting another round of singletons agreeing to get married without ever having seen one another.

Love Is Blind always gives drama – we’ve seen the concept loads of times now, but somehow with each different cast comes new situations, new havoc and new scandals to break down.

So, ahead of the new series dropping on Netflix very soon, here’s everything we know. It’s exciting!

Love Is Blind season five drops next month, and is based in Houston

A fresh bunch of hopeful singles, this time from Houston, will enter the famous Love Is Blind pods on September 22nd. Episodes will be dropping in batches, with the first four being released on that first date. From then, a further three episodes will be released on the 29th, two episodes on October 6th and a final episode on October 13th.

Love Is Blind season five on Netflix

via Netflix

A first look trailer for Love Is Blind season five shows one potential connection, with two people dating in the pods. The man says he has been engaged before, to which the woman replies saying she’s had a previous failed marriage, and her mother has told her she doesn’t deserve love. The conversation gets emotional, with the guy saying if they’re to commit to marriage, they need to be this honest with one another.

“Get back in the pods and go beyond the surface,” Netflix has captioned the video. “Love is Blind is returning in September and here is an early look at season five.” Vanessa and Nick Lachey will also be back as hosts.

There’s an After the Altar season coming even sooner!

If you can’t wait a few weeks for new episodes (same guys, same) then season four’s After the Altar drops in a matter of days. During the fourth season, three couples successfully got married, so six months on from this airing, it’ll be time to see if these relationships have stood the test of time.

— Netflix (@netflix) August 22, 2023

We will be checking in with Brett and Tiffany, Chelsea and Kwame and Bliss and Zack to see how married life is going, plus Jackelina and Josh will be there to explain how they got together after things fell apart between Jackelina and Marshall. Of course, Irina, Micah and Paul will also be there to stir up some drama.

In the trailer for After the Altar, Brett can be seen saying he doesn’t “think everyone has moved on” and Micah says Paul still has “lingering feelings” for her – despite the fact he’s got a new girlfriend now. There’s also “tension” between Jackie and Marshall, and things get heated. It’s going to be chaotic!

And more details about Love Is Blind UK have been announced

As this news dropped, there have also been a bunch of updates about the UK version of the show. Netflix revealed a while ago it wanted to bring the dating experiment over to the UK, but it’s since been reported this version will be released next year!

It’s been confirmed UK power couple Matt and Emma Willis will be the hosts in 2024, and not Vanessa and Nick Lachey. “Emma and Matt caught the attention of show bosses following their documentary about Matt’s addiction battle – this was later boosted by Cooking With The Stars,” a source told The Sun.

“They were perfect for Love Is Blind UK, but still had competition from famous couples, including Marvin and Rochelle Humes.”

Watch the first look trailer for Love Is Blind season five on Netflix here:

Love Is Blind season five will be available on Netflix from September 22nd. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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