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What all the dumped Love Island 2023 cast members have been up to since the show

They’ve started modelling careers, been dating each other and doing lame sponsored Insta posts!

When a season of Love Island comes to a close, everyone’s focus goes straight onto the finalists and couples who left together. But, the dumped cast of Love Island 2023 have been keeping busy too, with some embarking on new careers since the villa and embracing their new lives.

This year they’ve given us drama, they’ve dated each other, split up from their couples, gone back to their day jobs, and started new jobs completely.

Here’s what all the cast members who were dumped throughout Love Island 2023 have been up to since their time on the show.

Haris Namani

There was a lot of drama surrounding Haris when he was dumped. A video emerged of him in a brawl after a night out, and then conveniently he was dumped without ITV having to comment. Anyway, he later did an interview saying he “didn’t want to be in the situation” of the fight, and said it wasn’t a reflection of his true character.

Since the show, he’s been back boxing and has signed with a modelling agency. He’s been hanging out with loads of his fellow dumped Love Island 2023 cast members, such as Tanyel and David, went to a film premiere and has been posting photoshoot pictures. He’s doing alright!

Anna-May Robey 

Love Island 2023 dumped cast members now

via Instagram @annamayrobey

Anna-May was also one of the first Islanders to be dumped this year, and did the classic – she was straight doing the rounds on Love Island podcasts talking about the cast. She spoke out about apparent “feuds” in the villa between the girls, and said the WhatsApp group they’re all in is dead.

Since being on the show, she’s signed to a PR agency, and her Instagram is full of outfit pics and her getting her makeup done for events. Influencer life = activated. She spends a lot of time hanging out with fellow Islander, Ellie Spencer.

Zara Lackenby-Brown

via Instagram @itszaradeniz

Zara was another of the dumped Love Island 2023 cast members to go straight on the podcasts after the show. She shared all about her and Olivia’s previous “friendship” and then revealed she and Jordan were dating. They’ve already broken up, but it was fun while it lasted.

Zara was another of the dumped Love Island 2023 cast members to go straight on the podcasts after the show. She shared all about her and Olivia’s previous “friendship” and then revealed she and Jordan were dating. They’ve already broken up, but it was fun while it lasted.

She’s also done some spon con, an advert for WKD with Tanyel. Classic.

Aaron Waters

Love Island 2023 dumped cast members now

via Instagram @aaronmwaters

I’m really sorry, but I completely forgot Jessie entered the villa this year with another Australia bombshell. Aaron being on Love Island 2023 feels a bit like a fever dream.

For a while after the show Aaron was hanging around in London, but in the past week he’s said his goodbyes and was back on a flight to Australia. He’s back in Melbourne, and has already been posting collabs with clothing brands there.

Spencer Wilks

After his very brief time in the villa, Spencer described being “inundated” with daily nudes on Instagram, lol. When he entered the villa it was said he owned a dildo brand, and now he’s doing spon con with condom companies, so he’s keeping on brand at least.

Other than that, it’s looked all breezy for him since leaving the villa. He’s headed back to Bournemouth and has been down the beach, as well as spending some time at The New Forest. At least that’s a bit wholesome.

Tanyel Revan 

via Instagram @tanyelrevan

Ahead of her time in the villa, Tanyel worked at a hair salon in London. Since leaving, she’s posted videos of her working with clients, back at her job. As well as this, she’s signed to an agency and done some ads on Instagram, as well as a giveaway post to her newfound followers. She’s been at loads of events, and has been hanging out with Zara and Haris.

During the reunion, Tanyel said she’s been seeing someone new, but she’s yet to share who the mystery man is.

Ellie Spence

via Instagram @elliespennie

Ellie wasn’t really in the villa for a long time, and didn’t find love, but it does at least look as though she’s made some friends from the show. She hangs out a lot with Anna-May, and it looks like they’ve been living it up together recently.

Ellie has posted on Instagram loads with fashion and beauty brands since leaving the villa, such as Nakd Fashion, Refy and House of CB.

Jordan Odofin

Love Island 2023 dumped cast members now

via Instagram @jordanodofin1

When they left Love Island 2023, dumped Islanders Zara and Jordan said they were planning on going on a date, then confirmed they were an item and planning on going travelling together. Despite never really making it official, they still posted a full Instagram statement when they cooled things off.

Jordan’s now signed to a talent agency, and has appeared on a couple of podcasts, but all the drama looks to have calmed down for him.

Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda

via Instagram @livhawkinss

Olivia and Maxwell have become the latest Love Island 2023 couple to end their relationship, calling it quits after just a few weeks. They had been surrounded by split rumours for a while, with them being spotted attending events separately, and Maxwell has been in Mexico without Olivia.

“They had fun while it lasted, and there are no hard feelings at all, but he obviously went to Mexico, and Olivia has been focusing on work projects,” a source said. “They have naturally drifted apart.”

Whilst Maxwell has been living it up in Mexico, Olivia has been doing countless interviews, and dropped that up next for her is a role in the new Fast and Furious movie. As you do.

Speaking previously to The Tab, Olivia said after the villa she is now looking forward to returning to her acting work, in particular trying her hand at comedy. “Going into Love Island, I always knew that I’d come out and have the exact same career,” she said. “I want to stay in television, stay acting and I’ll just see what comes my way. I would love to do a comedy series.”

Claudia Fogarty

via Instagram @claudiafogarty

Claudia’s revealed before the villa she decided she wanted a career in fitness, and now she’s left, she’s back to pursuing that dream. “I wanted to come out and follow my journey and get to grips with what I want to do,” she said on Instagram. “Fitness has always been a big thing for me and battling with my weight from time to time so I think it’s good to come out there and be a little bit of an inspiration to people, hopefully.”

Other than that, she’s been hanging out with Tom, Samie and Casey a lot – dropping heavy hints there’s something going on between herself and Casey, again. She’s signed to a PR agency, and her feed is so influencer vibes it hurts.

Keanan Brand

Love Island 2023 dumped cast members now

via Instagram @keabrand_

Keanan wasn’t on the show for that long this year, so it’s pretty expected he’d head back to his day job. After six days in the villa, he’s returned to work as a rugby player, with Super League rugby team Leigh Leopards.

He left the show with Claudia, but there was nothing between the two of them, and now rumour has it he’s dating Rosie!

Rosie Seabrook and Casey O’Gorman 

via Instagram @rosieseabrook

There has been a LOT of drama with Rosie and Casey. Just days after leaving the villa, Casey announced he and Rosie were “just friends” and then Rosie said they split after he ghosted her. Yikes.

Love Island 2023 dumped cast members now

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Now, it looks as though Rosie is dating Keanan, and Casey is swamped with daily romance rumours with ex-flame Claudia, which they keep saying isn’t true. Rosie’s been going to loads of events and hanging out with Olivia, and Casey seems to be out with Tom and Claudia every single day.

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