Guys, the trio of top villains from Love Is Blind now all have OnlyFans accounts

The big question is, how much do they each charge? 👀

If you were asked to think of three guys from Love Is Blind who would probably go on to start OnlyFans, who would it be and why would it be Shake, Shayne and Bartise? Well everyone, this is the world we live in.

Yep, all three of them have accounts these days and I honestly don’t know what else to do with this information other than to present it to the world. How do I feel about it? I couldn’t tell you.

Shake Chatterjee

Shake was the biggest villain during season two of Love Is Blind and now he has a free OnlyFans account. Yep, it’s £0. That’s probably just an initial offer before you commit to the subscriptions, but still.

His bio describes him as a vet and DJ and quite frankly says the account will feature “sex”. His handle is still @thepuppydoc, the same as his Insta, which is clearly his full brand now.

Nearly 1k people have subscribed to him, but he’s only posted three times. His last post was quite recent, and it was captioned: “Feeling cheeky 🍑 😏”.

Shayne Jansen

Also from season two of Love Is Blind is Shayne, who posts about his OnlyFans account on Instagram every now and then, trying to entice people to subscribe. He’s posted in an “OF” hoodie on his feed before, captioned: “Link in bio 😈”.

His bio on OnlyFans reads “let’s get sassy” and right now, Shayne is the most expensive of the three accounts, but he currently has an introductory offer of 30 per cent off for one month! It’s currently $6.99 (about £6) to subscribe to his content for a month, or 50 quid if you commit to an entire year.

Bartise Bowden

Bartise from season three isn’t shy with his account either, with a link to his exclusive content in his Instagram bio. “If you want something sweet this Valentine’s Day, be my valentine and click the link in my bio ❤️🔥 🍪,” he said in one post.

Bartise’s account is $6 (roughly £4.80) for a month, which right now is 25 per cent off the usual price. You can also subscribe for six months at a price of $26.37 (roughly £21) – which is 45 per cent off. A bargain!

This guy loves being a Netflix villain, with his bio on OnlyFans literally being:”Your favourite Netflix bad boy! Let’s get to know each other 🫶🏽”.

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Featured image via Instagram @thepuppydoc, @shaynejansen, @bartiseb