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Anna-May has spoken out about all the surgery she had before the Love Island 2023 villa

‘If it’s going to boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself, get it done’

Love Island 2023 Islander Anna-May has openly spoken about the cosmetic surgery work she had done before the villa, in preparation for appearing on the show.

In recent seasons, female Islanders have become much more open with talking about any work they had done before the show, and have opened up about the pressures they feel to look a certain way when announced in the lineup. Tanyel from this season has also spoken about her cosmetic surgery journey, and said she had a number of procedures done ahead of flying to South Africa, estimated to be worth around £4,500.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Anna-May Robey said she has had her boobs done, as well as lip filler, before of going on Love Island this year. “I’ve had a little bit of lip filler, it’s not really something I was insecure about before, I just did it to just enhance maybe when I was wearing lipstick, it’s nice to go on,” she said.

“I did have a boob job a couple of months ago, but those things they’re not really things I feel like anyone would need to get done. I, well, not so much my lips, but my boobs, I just had them done for confidence reasons.”

Anna-May Robey before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @annamayrobey

She went on to explain that getting work done was something she considered for a long time first, it wasn’t “a spur of the moment thing”. She said: “I wouldn’t expect anyone to go get it done, obviously, it’s something that was talked about for a long time before getting it done. It wasn’t just spur of the moment thing.”

She added: “And obviously if anyone wants to get it done and wanted to speak to me, then I’d say you know, really think about it first, it’s not going to change your life and it’s not gonna make you, you know, a million percent happier. But obviously if it’s going to boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself, then get them done, but if not it’s not something that needs to be done. I wouldn’t tell people to get it done either.”

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