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After countless fallouts since the villa, who from Love Island 2019 is actually still mates?

This season was SO messy

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk of who from Love Island 2019 is actually still mates. Lucie and Maura have had a shocking fallout, and old clips of the girls fighting with Lucie are going viral on TikTok. It feels as though a lot of the Islanders from this season now, quite bluntly, hate each other.

This was the year Anton dramatically said he’d unfollowed Molly-Mae during the reunion, there was an entire bullying scandal with the girls, and the only wholesome friendship to come from it all was Amber Gill and Ovie Soko. Sorry to break it to you, but it looks like even Ovie and Amber have drifted, as they no longer post together or interact on social media.

So, is anyone from Love Island 2019 still mates? Here’s a deep dive into who is still hanging out with who now.

Maura and Molly-Mae

Who from Love Island 2019 is still mates now

via Instagram @mollymae

Maura Higgins and Molly-Mae Hague have been besties since the show. They’re always spending time together, and every milestone in each other’s lives, the other is there. Maura has been posting a lot recently with Molly-Mae’s newborn Bambi, and Molly-Mae was first to congratulate Maura when she made the big move to become a model.

Maura was also at Molly-Mae’s baby shower ahead of giving birth to Bambi, which Molly said had been just for her closest friends and family, and Maura has grown close with Molly-Mae’s sister, Zoe.

Anna and Amy

Who from Love Island 2019 is still mates now

via Instagram @amyhartxo

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t have expected Anna Vakili and Amy Hart to stay friends after the show, but it looks like they have. Posting recently about it being the anniversary of her first meeting for taking part in Love Island, Amy shared a photo of herself and Anna, saying “it’s like we’ve never been apart” every time they meet up.

Chris and Michael

Straight after Love Island 2019, it was reported Chris Taylor, Michael Griffiths, Jordan Hames and Danny Williams had moved in together in Manchester. They were doing ads together, filmed an MTV show at their house, and many lockdown TikToks were made.

It’s not clear if Danny and Jordan still live with them, or hang out with them as much, but Chris and Michael are still friends! Chris and Michael still post on social media together pretty much every day, and from the posts it definitely looks as though the pair are still living together.

Joe and Yewande

Yewande and Lucie didn’t get on at all in the villa, and Lucie was accused of bullying Yewande and refusing to say her name properly. But since then, Lucie’s ex flame Joe, who had his fair share of controversy in the villa too, has come through as Yewande’s bestie.

The pair are all over YouTube and TikTok together, and everyone is loving them as a duo. They do loads of dancing videos together these days, with one person commenting on a recent one to say: “I’m so here for this beautiful friendship!”

Joe is also Yewande’s biggest fan on Instagram, constantly commenting on her selfies to big her up. I love it for them!

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