From before to after Love Island, the transformation Georgia Steel has had is unreal

She’s loyal to the glow up

Loads of Islanders leave the show, become hugely famous and have a wild transformation as they adjust to their newfound fame – and one gal who definitely did that is loyal babes, Georgia Steel.

Since she left the 2018 villa, Georgia has had nothing but constant glow ups. She’s looking more glam every single day, and is living a boujie after Love Island life, surrounded by Instagram deals and influencing.

She’s now back on the show for All Stars rocking a new hair style, has 1.5million followers and every post is a wow. So here is a look back at the transformation Georgia Steel has had over the years.

Before Love Island, Georgia Steel looked like every 2000s makeup trends gal

Georgia Steel transformation before Love Island

via Instagram

Obviously, Georgia Steel looked very different before she was in the Love Island villa and catapulted into fame. When she was first on the show she was just 20, and her Instagram was packed full of pictures from her late teens. She might be all photoshoots and Instagram now, but back in the day she loved the same awful makeup and fashion trends as the rest of us.

Georgia Steel transformation before Love Island

via Instagram

Old pictures of Georgia show her with pointy thick eyebrows and bold, dark eyeshadows. I’m here for the pouty selfies, I really am.

Since Love Island, Georgia Steel has continued to have a wild transformation

Since Love Island 2018, Georgia Steel has continued to switch up her vibe, and is giving influencer glam daily now. She’s grown up a lot, and has completely changed her hair and makeup style – the fringe she has is a vibe.

After the show, it’s been reported Georgia has had some cosmetic work done. In 2020 it was said she had a face-tightening procedure, which uses lasers to create a “dermal wound” to encourage collagen production and tighten the skin. Posting on Instagram, Georgia called the treatment “super-gentle and natural”.

It’s also been rumoured she might have had a nose job and some fillers ahead of Love Island Games, but this was never confirmed.

Georgia has said she is against plastic surgery and thinks it’s a “shame” so many girls her age are getting it done. She told The Sun: “There is no need for the levels of surgery people are having. If a girl is really insecure about something and they want to feel better about it then I get that. But twenty-year-old girls are getting so much work done now and I think it is such a shame.

“There are so many changing faces. I think ‘Why have you done that to yourself?’ You looked better before. I may just be old school but it is sad when I look at certain people. It is a real shame; it really makes me feel sad. I won’t be having anything done, I’m too young.”

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