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Love Is Blind season six best weddings memes

These 29 memes about the Love Is Blind season six weddings are loads better than the show

This is a Clay’s mum appreciation post

The main part of Love Is Blind season six has come to an end with the weddings, and after all that build up, the best thing the show has given us this year is the memes. The final episode wasn’t exactly full of shocks and drama, mainly because have the couples didn’t even made it up the aisle, but at least the reactions had our backs.

Chelsea and Jimmy have definitely carried the season, with their never ending drama and not even making it to their wedding day. Then we had Clay and AD, with Clay again saying he’s not ready for marriage and leaving our girl at the altar. The real hero there was Clay’s mum, who absolutely owned the entire situation. The only saving grace for the premise of the show was Johnny and Amy, who of course, were as sweet as ever.

Here are all the very best memes about the Love Is Blind season six weddings. Enjoy!

1. See ya next time!

2. Yikes

3. Adore them

4. Honestly, so true

5. Iconic

6. Clay was actually playing with AD