Ranking the Love Island 2023 cast by who would steal the £50k prize in the final

Tanya, I’m looking at you

Up until last year, in every Love Island final the winning couple has been given the option to stick or twist when it comes to the prize fund. They were previously each given an envelope, one with the £50k in and another with nothing. Then it was the ultimate test: Would the person with the money chose to split or steal? I think, given the chance this year, a few of the Islanders would at least consider taking the money and legging it.

It’s not yet been confirmed if the stick or twist option will return this year, but Love Island probably decided to ditch it since no Islander has ever done the unthinkable and actually taken the money. Buuuuut, hypothetically if they were given the chance, here’s a ranking of who from the Love Island 2023 final cast members would steal the £50k prize fund.


Steal rating: 0/10

Love Island 2023 cast members who would steal prize fund money

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With Sanam, there is just zero chance she would ever steal the prize money – she’s ending Love Island 2023 as pure as she came in. She is an angel that we are not worthy of, and her and Kai are the most wholesome part of this whole damn show. End of.


Steal rating: 1/10

Love Island 2023 cast members who would steal prize fund money

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Look, I know there’s no chance Kai would break our Sanam’s heart. But, he gets a one because he did move a bit mad in the first few weeks of the show, and we can’t look past that. Only a one though!


Steal rating: 3/10

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Samie’s definitely shown us she doesn’t get walked all over, and if movie night is anything to go by, she’ll let you know if you’ve pissed her off. Right now, it’s looking like her and Tom are all good, but there’s still time! If there was to be a last minute argument, or if Tom’s declaration of love was piss-poor, I can see her stealing the cash in a fit of rage. I’d back it, tbh.


Steal rating: 4/10

Love Island 2023 cast members who would steal prize fund money

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Look at the smile on Lana’s face and tell me it’s the look of a woman who could steal money. It simply isn’t. She gets a low score purely because we’ve seen her and Ron have their ups and downs, so it would be naive to say a little more drama would be out of the question.


Steal rating: 5/10

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I’m on the fence about Tom. Before he was with Samie, Tom was with THREE other girls, and he told them ALL he was invested in them. So, you can’t deny it’s looked in the past like he’s playing a game. But, I do now think he’s happy with Samie and is a little bit besotted with her, so I’d be really shocked if he took the money. I can picture him stealing the money though, and then with a giggle saying it was just for laughs. A joker x


Steal rating: 6/10

Love Island 2023 cast members who would steal prize fund money

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Part of me would really love to see Shaq offered all the money and pulling it from under Tanya. I think his sister would be at home jumping for joy, too. We’ve seen Shaq pissed after Casa, and maybe he’s been forgiving and fine with it all because he’s sitting on the ultimate revenge plan? Get it, Shaq!!!


Steal rating: 7/10

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Every single day, my opinion on Ron changes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very sold that he adores Lana, and is happy with her. But yet again the other day when he had that weird chat with her like “do you think I’ll change on the outside” he was spreading seeds of doubt. I just don’t UNDERSTAND this man?! He would steal, I can see it.


Steal rating: 8/10

Love Island 2023 cast members who would steal prize fund money

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Over the last eight weeks, I’ve become convinced Tanya has an evil streak. She clearly sees something she likes and goes for it (Martin), and I think if Maya dangled £50k in front of her, there’s high chance it would be Shaq, who? That gal is running. Nobody is more likely to steal the prize fund than her this year.

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