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Inside the cute home Kai and Sanam have moved into together since winning Love Island

‘I know it might only be small but it’s our little home,’ the 2023 Islanders said during a video tour

It’s been over six months since Kai and Sanam won the winter version of Love Island 2023, and since their victory they’ve moved into a new home together.

Since the villa, the winning couple have launched a YouTube channel called The Kai and Sanam Show and in one of their videos have given us a little look around the home they’ve moved into since meeting. “This is a massive step in our relationship and we’re so happy to share it with you,” the couple said in the description of the video.

“Welcome to our crib,” they said at the start of the tour, before saying they’d been planning to move in together for “so long” since meeting. “I think we came out of the villa in March and it was about four weeks or maybe less than that when we decided we need to live together,” Sanam explained.

Kai said they only got the keys to their new pad around the start of June, and they had previously been living apart, at each of their mum’s houses.

In the tour, Kai said his favourite room in their home is the bedroom. “We absolutely love it,” Sanam added. The couple said when they moved in they didn’t have a massive budget to furnish the place, so bought a lot of the furniture “really cheap” from places like charity shops and customised bits themselves.

They explained tried to keep the bathroom “simple” white and grey to match the existing tiles in there.

Later in the home tour, Kai and Sanam then moved onto the open-plan living area, which contains a kitchen, dining and lounge space. It has huge floor to ceiling windows and a balcony at one end, with some seating out on.

“This is where we chill,” Sanam said. Kai added: “That’s where I chef up all the food.” Out on the balcony, Kai explained it “looks like a construction site” as some apartments opposite are still being built.

Inside the home of winter Love Island 2023 winners Kai and Sanam, house tour YouTube video

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They also have a second bedroom, but it’s not finished yet. They didn’t show the room on the tour, but said it will turn into more wardrobe space for them, as well as an office and guest room with a sofa bed.

“I know it might only be small but it’s our little home,” Kai said towards the end of the video. “It’s our first home together, it’s a massive step. We’re loving it so far.”

Congrats, Kai and Sanam!

Watch the full home tour video with Kai and Sanam here:

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