The wild transformation Love Island bombshell Molly Smith has had over the years

Just before the All Stars villa she had veneers done

From before she was ever on Love Island, to when she was first in the villa and then now, Molly Smith has had an incredible transformation. Over the years she has completely changed her look on multiple occasions.

In her old pictures, Molly has darker hair and her lips appear less full. She’s never spoken about filler, so this could just be makeup. Just like the rest of us, back in the day Molly was a big fan of thin eyebrows and dark eyeshadow.

Love Island All Stars Islander Molly Smith transformation in old pictures

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Molly has opened up about having cosmetic surgery before, and whilst she said she doesn’t actively promote it, she would never shy away from talking about work she has had done. Talking about a previous boob job, Molly said: “It’s something that I’d always wanted to do, but I could never find the right time.”

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She continued: “I feel so much more confident in clothes now and even in my work, as I used to model quite a lot of underwear and wasn’t filling it out, which I found embarrassing. It’s made me feel so much better and, looking back, I wish I’d had it done it sooner.”

She said she hasn’t had Botox before, not because she disagrees with it, but just because she’s too scared! Molly added: “I’ve never had Botox or anything like that. I’m not against it and I think if people want to have it done, that’s fine – it’s just not for me. The thought of injections in my face scares me – I’ve just had a spot on my lip and that was painful enough!”

Love Island All Stars Islander Molly Smith transformation in old pictures

via ITV

On Instagram, Molly Smith has posted ahead of Love Island: All Stars about getting a teeth transformation for her second stint in the villa. “Happiness looks good on me,” Molly captioned a picture just a week before the show started, tagging a dentist who has previously posted a video of Molly getting veneers.

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