So what actually is the arch sex position the couples *tried* to recreate on Love Island?

Their attempts were, shall we say, messy

Every year, the Islanders will play a silly little game about sex. This year, the Love Island 2023 cast members were challenged with the arch sex position, among others, to recreate in a challenge.

Jess read out the position from a text, and Catherine and Zachariah and Whitney and André went up against each other and were quick to do their best to mimic it. Given the time frame, their attempts were actually pretty good. But, they were slightly lacklustre and messy, let’s just say that.

Love Island 2023

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So what actually is the arch sex position?

Right, I’m going to give you as best a description as I can here. Zachariah and Catherine and André and Whitney had the arch sex position done pretty well on Love Island – the foundations were solid. But, where they went primarily wrong was who was where.

According to a Google search (with caution) it should ~usually~ be the female on the floor (like Zach and André were) and the male on top (where Catherine and Whitney were). The arch includes the female on her back, and coming up in a bridge position. The male then approaches over the top.

“One partner lies on their back and presses their hands above their head with their feet on the floor,” expert Jess O’Reilly told Men’s Health. “Then, they press their body into an arched bridge position—like an upside-down U. The other partner climbs on top to ride them.”

The arch sex position by couples on Love Island 2023

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There are apparently some pros and cons to the arch

An obvious con is that the woman involved has to be able to hold the position, which could be uncomfortable. You have to be strong and flexible to be able to pull it off, and maintain it. The position is also pretty much impossible if the person in the bridge shape is really tall in comparison to the other person, which is why the woman tends to take the floor position.

However, a pro is that there is very little pressure on either person in this position, as neither are supporting the other’s weight – unless the height difference means the person on top has their feet off the floor.

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